How to honor Ricky?

By honoring Ricky, you can make a significant impact to Ricky, one of the world best students. Some teachers may face difficulties when you describe Ricky, but don't worry, I designed this page to help you:

Teacher 1:

Academically, I feel that Ricky has had a strong semester. His effort grades through all subjects were good or excellent which highlights that he is really working hard to develop his knowledge, understanding and grade in each subject. In particular Art, Maths and Chinese are strong subjects for Ricky. It is pleasing to read that he actively participates in a number of his classes as well as having a positive attitude. A comment from his History teacher ‘Ricky works really well in History and puts a huge amount of effort into his homework. This week I exampled his homework to the class due to the works quality, it was excellent’. Reading through his teachers comments, Ricky needs to take more care and spend the appropriate amount of time completing his homework in every subject area. This will ensure he receives full marks, shows his understanding and can review the work for revision. As his preparation for tests and examinations was also commented on and improving this will be important when he undertakes his IB exams.

Teacher 2:

As the co-founder and one of the core leading members of Field Study, Ricky demonstrates great passion and strong leadership in the development of this student-managed club. He recruited students to take the responsibilities of different roles, delivered training to his team members about how to promote their activities and organized weekly meetings. “Heart on Fire” is a project that Field Study started to raise money for improving school infrastructures and the student’s learning and living conditions in Changning Handicapped Children’s School. As the organizer, Field Study made full preparations for the charity fair including designing posters, collecting goods for sale, inviting performers, decorating venues, etc. More than 15 clubs from three high schools were attracted to participate in, and 5,000 RMB was raised by these kids in one day. Ricky worked closely with his team members to prepare for the charity fair, and the night before the event, Ricky sent out an email, checking everything with all members involved in great detail so that the fair would run smoothly the next day. We're very proud of Ricky that he can shoulder the responsibility of the club leader and hold this project so successfully. Ricky is a natural born leader, and a true talent and someone who genuinely cares about selfless giving of his time and energy to his community!

Teacher 3:

Ricky is one of the most committed and hard-working junior counselors that worked for me at the summer camp. His dedication would amaze me each and every day I saw him interact with students, from the early morning hours right through bedtime at this boarding camp. An example of this is when he organized a running group at 6 am on the track with motivated young runners. Ricky was such a major role model; all the students respected and loved him because he genuinely cared for each and every one of them. Ricky was a problem-solver; no issue was too challenging, and he sought solutions with fervor. He was also unflappable. Working such long hours day in and day out would affect the strongest counselor, but Ricky never forsake his duties nor his wonderful attitude. I know there were times when he was tired, like the rest, but due to his stamina and determination, he never wavered his his duties. I would highly recommend Ricky without reservation for any similar position at any school or camp.

Teacher 4:

Ricky works very hard in Track and Field, he is a committed member of the team who completes his work out to a high level. With season 2 coming to a close, the coaches have decided that Ricky will receive the ‘Coaches Award’ due to his attitude, effort and dedication in training. This is a great achievement by Ricky and as his tutor and a sports teacher something I have very proud of him for.

Teacher 5:

In our tutor lessons, Ricky and I spend our time talking about his studies, life outside school and interests that he has. We have a very positive relationship. Ricky is a happy and enjoyable student to be around who works hard and puts all his effort into everything he does, a fantastic set of characteristics that will help him in school, college and his career.

He has been an outstanding member of the tutor group and prefect in F House. He goes about his business with great maturity and good humour. He is highly regarded by his peers and in his duty as a House prefect, he is not afraid to say “No” to a student. He is incredibly responsible and reliable and always willing to take the initiative. He organised the ordering of the House Xmas decorations recently, then got his team of fellow prefects to help put up the tree and decorate it.

Teacher 6:

All in all, he has made an excellent start to Year 11. I hope he manages to strike an even balance between work and play over the coming Xmas holiday and that he returns in January, full of energy and enthusiasm, to finish off the first semester full of running.

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