The Anthropocene How has man impacted the atmosphere?

Humans have had a large impact on the atmosphere - the burning of fossil fuels, deforestation, & Agriculture have all lead to an increase in greenhouse gases.
This increase in greenhouse gases leads to the Greenhouse Affect: Photons are reflected back towards earth's surface more frequently, slowly increasing earth's temperature.

The cutting down of trees has lead to and increase in CO2 in the atmosphere because trees and other plant life absorb CO2 & put out oxygen.

Raising Livestock produces a lot of manure, and manure lets off a lot of methane. This methane is considered a greenhouse gas.
Burning fossil fuels directly pumps CO2 and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

The combination of these things has lead to an increase of earth's temperature by 2 degrees Celsius. This has a negative impact on ecosystems and the economy.

These impacts will likely have a drastic affect on life here on earth and real changes must be made immediately if we want to prevent further and further damages.


Created with images by johnomason - "Freedom Tower" • Atmospheric Infrared Sounder - "Concentration of Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide from Earth's Mid-Troposphere, 2002 to 2013" • USDAgov - "CCRC Education ss1" • fotshot - "cow bull horns" • Carbon Visuals - "Global carbon budget (with text)" • Artvision-So - "foam nature forest"

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