Discovery of Art A Trip to the Harn Museum of Art

Just seeing Swimming Gator in a picture is not enough. In order to truly appreciate it, one must see it in person. Here in this photograph, the painting does not seem to impressive. "It is just an alligator," one might think. However, when seen up close the color and texture show just how amazing this painting is. The contrast between the black ripples in the yellow water is much more prominent. The amount of paint used to show the distinctions between the parts of the gator that are "above water" isn't visible here either. The bold difference of texture is essential to really appreciate the artist's skill. The Swimming Gator exudes a calm and easy-going feeling as it swims lazily up the wall.
I found the display of Juchiteca de pie to be quite a unique one. Other sculptures were in simple display cases, however the Criser Garden uses a walk in, open-air display to really emphasize the small statue. The rocks, potted plants, and natural lighting are unexpected and draw attention to the bronze woman, that may have otherwise been rather uninteresting. The lay out of this exhibit made it my favorite portion of the museum.
I am an only child who values those closest to me, so I had an instant connection to Family. The parents and child in this sculpture are connected and that's how I always want to be with my parents and my future family. When I saw this statue, I saw my family and felt happy, knowing that these three figures, and my parents and I, will always be together throughout our respective life times.
Upoon seeing the Cast of Thousands, I decided to do a little more research to find out more about the subject of this photo. The photo is of a gold mine in Brazil that pushed many to "become slaves of the dream of gold and the need to stay alive"("The Hell of Serra Pelada"). The people here became violent in these harsh conditions, all for the hope of wealth. This image tells a lot of the nature and quality of life for those who become entrenched in the quest for material success. Many toiled away their lives becoming bitter, and even murderous, in Serra Pelada. It is much better to be content and have little than to lose yourself to greed.

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