Self Driving Cars


Page 1: How Safe Are Self Driving Cars?

Page 2: Will Self Driving Cars Help Accident Rates Of Self Driving Cars?

Page 3: Who Is Reliable For Self Driving Car Accidents?

Page 4: Will Self driving cars cause more or less accidents?

Page 5: What impact does self driving cars have on the economy ?

How safe are self driving cars?

Today in 2017 we have self driving cars, but how safe are these self driving cars really? Government officials say autonomous vehicles will make transportation safer, more accessible, more efficient and cleaner. CNN reporter Mark Mcfarland states,”The guidelines include a 15-point safety assessment for vehicles, which is left open-ended. There aren't benchmarks clearly drawn in the sand for the different categories, which include crashworthiness, privacy, vehicle cybersecurity, ethical considerations and how a vehicle sees the road.” This evidence shows, that the mechanichs go through a series of events to ensure the safty of self driving cars. Not all company’s are telling the truth, but everyone needs to know what happened to one U.S citizen. Reporter Bill Vlasic states, “The race by automakers and technology firms to develop self-driving cars has been fueled by the belief that computers can operate a vehicle more safely than human drivers. But that view is now in question after the revelation on Thursday that the driver of a Tesla Model S electric sedan was killed in an accident when the car was in self-driving mode”. This is a serious issue, The car mistakes a white semi for the sky and kills the man inside of the car, how many other cars will make this mistake. These cars clearly are not as safe as some companies apply.

Will self driving cars help the rates of drunk drivers?

With self driving cars we can reduce the chance of drinking and drivng accidents. According to a recent report published by Morgan Stanley, “self-driving cars could be a major financial beacon to the alcohol business, as well as to the restaurant business and, of course, bars. The obvious double-edged sword is that while there could be fewer drunk driving accidents and fatalities, it may allow alcoholism to go through the roof as well.” No one is quite sure what will happen when this time comes around but we can infer that with the cars driving them self that it is less likely for accidents to be caused by drunk drivers. Not to mention, “A recent study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology revealed that riding services like Uber have had very little impact on lowering the number of drunk-driving deaths” This states that even when we have people to drive the drunks home and sober cabs and everything this proves the number of accidents will not go down. But on the other hand some people don't want to pay for an uber but would rather take home their self driving car instead and not pay anyone, which may reduce the accident rates but more than likely we will not be able to keep the drunks off of the roads.

Who Is Reliable For Self Driving Car Accidents ?

Now in this day in age we have self driving cars, these cars are becoming more and more advanced and popular. There has been one tragedy in this company resulting in the death of one young man. The big question is, who is responsible for the car's actions and mistakes? Elon Musk, chief executive officer of Tesla, “Announced on Wednesday that all of its new vehicles will come with built-in self-driving hardware. He also said that the car company wouldn’t be liable if there were an accident with a car in self-driving mode. That would be up to the individual’s insurance, a Tesla spokeswoman confirmed Musk said on Wednesday when asked about it. “If it’s something endemic to our design, certainly we would take responsibility for that. But you know, I think one should view autonomous cars much like an elevator in a building. Does Otis take responsibility for all of the elevators around the world? No they don’t.” This goes to show that the companies are scared to take all of the liability that comes along with these cars because places could get sued left and right. Thomas Pitilli states”As far as the question of accountability and liability goes, we might already be homing in on an answer, one that points to a shift in how the root cause of damage is assessed: When a computerized driver replaces a human one, experts say the companies behind the software and hardware sit in the legal liability chain—not the car owner or the person's insurance company. Eventually, and inevitably, the carmakers will have to take the blame.” This shows that the blame will be set on the car companies and it will be very risky.

Will Self driving cars cause more or less accidents?

The big question is with self driving cars is wether they are going to cause more or less accidents. Self driving cars are made to be safer, that is really the big picture, A study conducted by KPMG and the Center for Automotive Research predicted that,” Test results show that 93-percent of accidents are due to human error. Some argue that a full assessment of accident reduction rates could not be properly attained until hundreds of millions of miles had been driven and analyzed before real results could be given. While predictions do exist, none have proven to be remotely close given that technology can fail at any time”. This evidence shows that, these cars have been tested before being up for sale, but is still not 100% certain to cause less accidents.The Atlantic reports, “Automated cars could save up to 300,000 lives per decade in the United States. Their reporting is based on this research paper by consulting firm McKinsey & Co., which is filled with fascinating ways that self-driving cars will help us accident-prone humans by midcentury”. This is a dramatic change on the roads and makes people feel a lot more secure to drive on the road. These cars could change the way we live today.

What impact does self driving cars have on the economy ?

One major question is what would self driving cars have on impact in our economy? No one truly thinks about the economy and the surrounding factors that come with these self driving cars. From the McKinsey report,

“Today, car crashes have an enormous impact on the US economy. For every person killed in a motor-vehicle accident, 8 are hospitalized, and 100 are treated and released from emergency rooms. The overall annual cost of roadway crashes to the US economy was $212 billion in 2012. Taking that year as an example, advanced ADAS and AVsreducing accidents by up to 90 percent would have potentially saved about $190 billion.“ This is a major factor in our economy, This is saving so much money and so many lives. What else can these amazing cars do for us and our economy. Another Report from McKinsey states that “Various industries will be affected. Cab drivers and other haulers of goods (truckers, delivery services, etc.) may become irrelevant. Auto insurance will have a new meaning as liability shifts from drivers toward the auto manufacturers. Repair shops will need completely different expertise, and may become less necessary as remote repairs become possible”. This shows that there are good and bad affects to the self driving cars on the economy and either way it goes there will always be dilemas when it comes to things like this but if its saving life's then its worth it.

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