Lewis And Clark By: Joseph Hanuska

key Players in the Lewis and Clark expedition

  • Meriwether Lewis was a key player because he was a leader of the expedition he was a good navigator, detailed writer, and a map maker.
  • William Clark was a woodsman who was adventurous and was a proven leader.
  • Toussaint Charbonneau was a trapper who knew some of the land and could translate for the expedition.
  • Sacagawea also helped translate native tribes and she brought peace between Lewis, Clark, and the tribes.
  • Thomas Jefferson approved, funded, and allowed the expedition to be possible
Lewis and Clark


Over 300 new plant and animal species were discovered. Some plants being the Antelope Bitterbrush, Bear Brush, Big Leaf Maple, Bitterroot, and the Blake Cottonwood. And some animals being the Goldeye, Channel Catfish, American Goldfish, and Black tailed prairie dogs

Black Tailed Prarie Dog


Some major accomplishments were made during the expedition such as a mapping a large portion of the United States was created, 11 Native tribes were befriended, and The Pacific Ocean was reached. Over 3,500 miles of land was explore throughout the expedition

Hardships and dilemmas

Some hardships and dilemmas face along the way were various animals and insects like Grizzly Bears and mosquitoes. The Blackfeet Indians attacked the group, and Lewis was even shot accidentally while hunting.

Route Taken

The expedition explored the Louisiana Purchase, and the Oregon Country, and finally making it to the Pacific Ocean. The starting point was St.Louis Missouri, meaning over 3,500 miles were traveled.

Route taken by lewis and clark

Tools taken on the Expedition

Many, Many tools and items were taken on the journey, some being the surveyor's compass, hand compass, hatchets, whetstones, Three Bushels of salt, Pocket Mirrors, Sewing needles, Frocks, telescopes, handsaws, and chisels.

Surveyor's Compass

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