"The Rise Of The Star LeBron James" David Lee Morgan Jr. November/December 2016 AR Biography Activity

"LeBron had been touted widely- and widely- by many sports insiders as one of the best high school basketball players ever" (p.1)

Based upon context clues, the word "basketball" means a game you play.

"After Hazel Morton's husband passed away, she lived in Elizabeth Park as a single mother of five children, a situation that enabled her to relate to Gloria James, whose mother she had known. Hazel Morton was a widow and Gloria had never been married, but both were determined to succeed, to create the foundation for a better life for their children, and each would become success in ways outsiders thought was impossible." (p.26)

Based upon context clues, the word "widow" means someone whose husband or wife had died.

"He didn't realize how smart he was until he began making merit roll and honor roll in school. That meant either a 3.0 to 3.49 average for the merit roll, and a 3.5 or higher for the honor roll." (p.40)

Based upon context clues, the word "merit" means an achievement or medal.

"It was there that the core of a high school basketball phenomenon began to develop." (p.42)

Based upon context clues, the word "phenomenon" means something great.

"Now, on the brink of the transition to high school, LeBron would cross paths with someone else trying to rebuild a life." (p.49)

Based upon context clues, the word "brink" means a edge or slope.

"And then he had became embroiled in a racial controversy that took away his career."(p.49)

Based upon context clues, the word "embroiled" means upset or mad.

"Keith Dambrot's own journey had taken him to within sight of coaching greatness, then plunged him into disgrace and exile from the game he loved."(p.49)

Based upon context clues, the word "exile" mean taken away from someone or something.

"No school wanted to go through the media scrutiny of hiring a coach once accused of being racist."(p.51)

Based upon context clues, the word "scrutiny" means curiosity or examination.




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