Silhouette Cameo cut vinal, paper, and more. Draw detailed designs.

What is it?

The Cameo will allow you to cut out or draw words, designs, art, photos and more. This is machine is great for logo design, art, t-shirt design, stickers, fabric and felt craft production.

Create a Brand, and Marketing Materials.

Begin Here

Create your design using the Silhouette Studio program. It is available on the @LMHSLIBRARY mac's, or you can download the free program to your home computer (with parent/guardian permission). Learn how to use the program below. It is pretty straight forward, and YouTube has many videos explaining specific requests. Make sure you specify Silhouette Studio 4.1.

What will you design?

Print It

You need to set up the printer before you can press print.
  • Prep the amount of vinyl you are using
  • Stick it to the cutting board
  • Load the cutting board into the Cameo (turn machine on, press load)
  • Go back to your computer and click send
  • Ask Ms. Curzi for help
Share Your Thoughts.


  • You can use the cut tool with construction paper, or from images you print out of the color printer to cut into nice neat shapes. Use the shapes to create a button.
  • Create your own custom apparel using heat transfer material.
  • Use the vinyl material to stick on almost any material.
  • Create an intricate artwork stencil, and print using a silk screen printer.
  • Have a project and want to really engage the audience? Hand out materials made on the Cameo.
  • Create sticker art to inspire classmates.
  • Interested in creating a brand? Use the Cameo to create all your marketing materials and get your brand out there!

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