R4 Reduce, reuse, recycle, renew


Reduce, reuse, recycle, and renew are the aims and values of R4. We raise awareness of environmental issues and explain how humanity affects and is affected by these issues. We hope to do our best to instill a sense of leadership and responsibility into our members and work together to help solve environmental problems in our community and in the world.


The R4 club was very active this year. Under the leadership of Coco Chai, Emalia Partlow, and Annarose Hunt as well as some dedicated recycling and garden heads, they met at lunch almost every Tuesday to organize events and share articles on interesting topics relevant to the clubs environmental focus. This year they had a real focus on fun/interesting ways to educate the community about varying issues. The activities they participated in included: creating a Chapel service, skits to educate people about recycling, beach clean up with Sherwood School, community dinner - earth week, Harvest week, garden maintenance, Christmas tips for being green - gathering Christmas decorations to store for next year.


  1. Del Monte Beach Clean Up
  2. Recycling Skit at Assembly
  3. Chapel Service
  4. Harvest Week + Garden Party
  5. KK Decorations
  6. Letters to Senators
  7. Sherwood Beach Clean Up
  8. Earth Week + Community Dinner
  9. Weekly Meetings
  10. Garden Maintenance
  11. Recycling + Composting
writing letters to senators Sherwood beach clean up working in the garden


R4 has been a wonderful experience. I have learned so much, and I love all of the people in the club. Our leadership team is responsible and always prepared. I feel like we have actually made a difference. 10/10

--- Victoria Gorum '19

R4 is a great environmental club! I have so much fun participating in the many environmental events. Not only did I meet many new friends who share the same aspirations as I do for the environment, but I was also able to take action for my community! 10/10

--- Amira Chow '19

R4 is an awesome club! I love our weekly meetings because we always discuss interesting topics. I can't wait for more of our fulfilling service events like the beach clean up. 10/10

--- Emma K.F. '18


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