AutoZone Inc. Group 24: Josh Chanda, Hannah Green, Luke Jeziorski, Hung Hui leow, Zach Williams

What can we do for you?

  • Lower Debt Ratios
  • Positive Long term Debt-to-Equity
  • Better projected EPS


Form a strategic alliance with Jiffy Lube


  • High debt has potential to be crippling.
  • Auto repair industry to grow 2.1% annually over next 5 years.
  • Average vehicle age increases demand.
  • Increase in vehicle registrations.


  • AutoZone becomes sole supplier of Jiffy Lube.
  • Make Jiffy Lube our recommended repair shop.
  • Train employees and managers to recommend jiffy lube.

Financial Support

By 2021:

  • Debt-to-total assets 64%
  • Longterm debt-to-equity 101%
  • Eps $66.12 (higher than without strategy)


  • Better off financially.
  • Reduces debt.
  • Raises Eps.
  • Differentiates AutoZone from competition.
We believe that it is in AutoZone Inc. best interest to form a strategic alliance with Jiffy Lube.


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