#GoAndServe17 "Africa Doesn't Need me, I need Africa"

The Road to Gulu

Take the famous 8 hour ride north to Gulu, Uganda as an amazing journey begins


“When you reach out to those in need, do not be surprised if the essential meaning of something occurs.”

See how Coach Olsen and his team brighten up a village's day, just with a ball

Somehow, I went to sleep with nothing left in my tank but would wake up the next day filled back with life. God used the joyous and infectious spirits of the kids to help teach me to love on empty and invest 110% in people every day. While out of my comfort zone, I learned the power of building a relationship and how to whole-heartedly commit to interaction. All day the kids would ignite me with love, to sing one more song ten times over, or to toss them in the air one more time. Africa changed the ability of my heart to give and pour out love and interaction unconditionally without holding back knowing that God will find a way to restore me day after day. The continual strength and ability from God I experienced in Africa enabled a type of love that was unending, full, true, and empowering. - Emily Maxwell

Need a pick me up? This should do it

Impacting the World: Sports Outreach

After my first visit to Lynchburg I knew that this trip with Sports Outreach was the one I wanted to go on. This trip for me was about expanding my horizons. Being in Africa and seeing a completely different way to live your life was really eye-opening for me. Going into this trip I didn’t know that I was going to be as affected by the slums as I was. I don’t think it would matter how much money was thrown at the problem it wouldn’t fix it. I learned from this that the only way to help was to build relationships with the people and try to help that way. I saw this through the feeding program that Sports Outreach Nairobi has set up. They are able to feed kids that may not get any other meal and also encourage them to get an education. I think it’s amazing how much of an impact this has on the children in the program. It is improving their lives and their chance to grow up and have a better life. - Monica Beck

It Starts With A Ball

Anyone Can Make A Difference

Sounds of Joy

A Land Untouched By Humans

I came with very little expectation. I came with some hope, that this would be a great experience for you, that was my main goal. That this would be something great, something unforgettable, something you'll remember for the rest of your life. It's been tough, we've had sickness, we've had hard, hard travel. We've had soccer games against hard competition and back to back stuff and you've just exceeded my expectations. Then seeing you in the slums today, loving on those kids, I couldn't ask you to do anymore. You know if somebody came down and said hey, what does a good person look like, you know, it's here. You guys are just really really great people and I'm privileged and honored to be a part of this trip with you. This is the BEST trip I've ever been on, and YOU guys made that happen. You know, God's looking down and saying well done, I'm proud of you. As a coach, I'm proud of you. Whatever my role is to you, I'm super proud of you and I thank you, you made this trip super special for me. I hope it's something you'll never, ever, ever forget. - Coach Todd Olsen
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