Andrew Carnegie grew up in Scotland and moved to America when he was 13 years old. His mother and father weren't all that rich so he began to work at the age of thirteen as an intern and later got promoted. Although he grew up from humble beginnings Carnegie is a strict and unfair towards his workers causing the workers to work longer hours for less pay, he expanded his business causing many companies to go out of business, and he only gave money towards repair Johnstown in order for his reputation and his steel demand to not go down.

Andrew Carnegie is a Robber Baron because of unfair pay towards his steelworkers in intolerable conditions. He invested money towards the Homestead Steel Works ( a mill) but paid his workers unfairly. Which caused an outbreak in violence called the "Homestead Strike" where the men in factory stood up for the unfair salaries. Since Carnegie left Frick in charge, Frick called upon Pinkerton Detectives to force the men to accept the salaries causing 9 deaths. A cut took place in 1894,his workers worked longer hours and got paid less than before the strike.

Carnegie didn't want to just sell steel in Pittsburgh so he decides to expand his steel industry. He proceeded to sell steel throughout the United States but eventually realized that his prices were too high so he lowered them lower than the average cost in order for more people to buy his steel and in order for to keep up with the demand of the railroads, although this sound like a Captain of Industry move, he drove other steel companies out of business and later bought them at dirt cheap in order to fix them and profit more.

Carnegie invests money into another market,skyscrapers, and hires Henry Frick to help him. He eventually creates the first chicago skyscraper with his steel. They celebrate at the "South Fork Fishing and Hunting Club," near the South Fork Dam, Frick orders the dam to be lowered which eventually causes what is known as the Johnstown Flood. Many people were killed and start blaming Carnegie for the deaths. In order for Carnegie's steel demand and reputation not go down he donates a large value of money towards helping rebuild Johnstown.


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