wine bar and eatery

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wine bar and eatery

Spoke is a fine neighborhood eatery specializing in farm-to-table food and a curated drink menu. Most importantly its warm, intimate atmosphere provides a place where conversations and community can happen.

GSS designed a logo that connotes a speech bubble and an end quote. The bottle and wine glass graphics were designed into a felt mural that ran the length of the restaurant. Using the colored felt supported the look and feel and helped create a space conducive to conversations.

Studies for Felt Mural
Logo Application
Mural Panel 1 of 8
Felt Mural
Business Cards
Hours Window Application

Design Discovery Program

Harvard University Graduate School of Design

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Design Discovery Program

Havard University Graduate School of Design

The Design Discovery program, formerly Career Discovery, is a summer intensive in the design disciplines of Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning & Design. The age range of participants is 18 to 53.

GSS designed materials for the program that have included innovated uses of booklets, brochures, posters, and mailers with pop-outs and unique folds appealing to an audience with serious interest in architecture.


2018 Mailer with Punch-out Polygon
LinkedIn Banner
Instagram Profile Slides
Facebook Banner
Press Sheet for Mailer
Mailer with Pop-out Polygon
Two varnishes reveal words on each polygon surface.


Fold-out Booklet and Poster
Booklet Spreads 1
Booklet Spreads 2
Booklet Spreads 3
Poster (on verso partially open)
2016 colorway and images
Various Logos

Tufts Community Appeal

Tufts Community Appeal

Tufts Community Appeal is the annual faculty and staff opportunity to donate to a cause of their choice, through payroll, that enhances the greater good.

GSS created the campaign’s logo and materials for two years of appeals. The new design features the elephant (Tufts University's mascot) with a large heart and a trumpeting trunk to represent the generosity of the community as a whole. Paired with speech bubbles, the first poster connotes a chorus of voices that together creates a larger impact while conveying a feeling of celebration. Repeating elements designed around a central theme of flowing hearts are used in subsequent campaigns to convey the appeal’s core message that many small acts of caring and generosity yield powerful results.

Appeal Poster
Appeal Poster and Bookmark
Alternate Poster Design
Alternate Poster Design
Alternate Poster Design
Alternate Poster Design


What You Don't Know About Me

What You Don't Know About Me

Community-Based Collaborative Art Project

Charles Coe, a 2017 Boston Artist-In-Residence, gathered personal stories from residents of the Mission Hill neighborhood highlighting unexpected or surprising aspects of their lives. The project seeks to encourage us all, in an increasingly divided society, to move beyond stereotypes and preconceptions and engage our neighbors with open minds.

GSS designed the logo and exhibition panels. The show, originally based out of the Tobin Community Center in Dorchester MA, is ongoing in the main branch of the Boston Public Library.


WYDKAM Intro Panel
History Panel
Profile Panel
Profile Panel
Profile Panel
Profile Panel

Squam Art Workshops

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Squam Art Workshops

Squam Art Workshops started as a retreat in 2008 where like-minded souls who had originally collected in online communities could connect in place, and in nature, and explore different artistic mediums on Squam Lake in New Hampshire. Now in its 10th year, Squam, as it is now fondly called by its thousands of dedicated acolytes, attendees, instructors and sponsors, continues its mission of 'creativity as a way of life' both in situ and online.

GSS was instrumental in the conception and design of the original website and materials for Squam's first three years.

Letterhead, Business Cards, Envelope
Sessions/Classes/Intro to Color Work
Art Fair Poster
Workshops Promotion
Workshop Promotion
Program Cover
First Squam Tote Bag
Second Squam Tote Bag
Third Squam Tote Bag
Tote Illustration Detail
Squam Work Apron
Squam Journal
Journal Spread
Journal Spread
Journal Spreads
Bumper Sticker
Various Logos

With Tenacity

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with Tenacity

withTenacity was developed to be a consortium of high-level female marketing consultants that could pool their talents to offer businesses marketing consultation on an ad-hoc and short-term basis. The firm gives clients access to a high-level alternative to employing a fulltime in-house marketing team while allowing the women in the consortium to work flexible hours.

GSS designed an identity that was both flexible and tenacious, using a kit-of-parts approach to their look and feel. The hummingbird was chosen for its iconic energy, multi-tasking curiosity, and its tenacity.

Business Card and Social Media Graphic
Alternate Business Card
Bird forms graphic kit-of-parts
Alternate Direction
Alternate Direction
Various Logos

SolidWorks World Conference

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SolidWorks World Conference

SolidWorks World conference is a highly-anticipated annual industry event for product designers using SolidWorks 3D Design Software.

GSS designed the materials for the event when it took place in New Orleans, beautifully incorporating the colors of the Big Easy while maintaining a corporate look and feel. The main conference brochure was embossed with a product grip texture and the conference slogan. The smaller saddle-wired pocket agendas contained fold-out leaves to hold the floor plans of the event.

Letterhead and Envelope
Conference Program
Announcements, Direct Mail
Small format pocket Agenda-Reseller
Small format pocket Agenda-User
Partner Pavilion Agenda
VIP Invitation

Echo Bridge Music Logo

Logo and studies for a music industry product marketing and sales consultancy and partner.

Studies and chosen logo bottom right


A Compendium of Personal Work

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  • Various Artistic Pursuits (Studio Sneakers, Up-cycled Shirts, Jewelry, Abstract Painting)

What Flow Looks Like Today

WFLLT.space is a website where I share my artistic output that doesn't fall neatly into the category of graphic design. My graphic design work is nourished by my personal work, and my artistic pursuits are enhanced by the eye I have developed in my years as a graphic designer.


Studio Sneakers

Contact graphic
Upcycled shirts
Graphics for shirts
Lobster illustration
Jolly Tuckerman Illustration
Glitr Jewelry Identity
Men's bracelet
Heart Chakra Necklace
Abstract Painting 'Following the Conversation'
Abstract Painting 'Because'

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