Payment Options for your portrait products

So, you know you really want this experience, the luxury portrait products . . and you wanna take the leap and

spoil yourself a little . . .

love yourself more . . .

and build your self confidence a lot!

But, how do you pay for this luxery?

Let me help you!

I am now offering financing through Blispay!!

PLEASE NOTE: Your viewing and ordering meeting is when you will be placing your order. All portrait product orders will be placed and paid for at that time. This meeting will be 1 to 2 weeks after your session.

Option 1

Cash, Debit or Credit Card.

Honestly in my opinion if you have a credit card that you earn cash back or airline miles on then this the best way to pay for your portrait products! Rack up those points!!

Option 2

Financing with Blispay

The Valerie Visser Boudoir Experience is truly priceless, however I obviously understand that budget comes into play. I make it easier for you to get everything you want by offering Blispay! Since I started offering it, most of my ladies take advantage of this option. It allows you to get everything you want in easy payments for you! There is no interest/no payments for 6 months and I order your products right away and you're able to pick up them up as soon as they arrive from the lab! Are you ready to invest in yourself?

We’ve teamed up with Blispay to offer special financing. Enjoy No Payments, No Interest on all purchases over $199 if paid in full in 6 months. Plus, you'll get 2% Cash Back!

How it works: Apply on your phone or computer.

If approved, you'll receive a digital Blispay Visa card which can be used to make purchases on our website.

You’ll receive 6 months special financing on all purchases over $199 + 2% Cash Back.

Interest will be charged to your account at your APR of 19.99% from the posting date if the purchase balance is not paid in full in six months. Your account has a 3% foreign transaction fee and if you are charged interest it will be at least $2.00.

For more info please visit blispay.com/faq. The Blispay Visa® Card is issued by First Electronic Bank, Utah.

If you do not qualify for Blispay, you may have the option to set up an in-house payment plan. This is a way to save before your session with an account with Valerie Visser Photography.

Option 3

VVP Boudie Bank Account

If you'd like to start making payments BEFORE your session is scheduled, this option is great for you! This is perfect for a session that is scheduled out AT LEAST 4-6 months in advance.

**This option is not available for discounted/sale sessions or Casting Call applicants.

Step One:

Choose the products that are right for you.

Step Two:

Fill out your personalized questionnaire, contract & pay your $300 initial payment to open your VVP Boudie Bank Account.

All payments made are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Step Three:

Together we will determine a reoccurring payment schedule that is right for you based on the amount of the payments you want to make and the balance due for the products you decided on. A payment installment contract must be signed in person at your consultation in my studio in Potsdam NY. You must have 2 credit or debit cards on file with Valerie Visser Photography. Your information will be kept confidentially on file for your reoccurring payment schedule and will be auto deducted from your account as you agree upon. Then monthly payments are auto deducted from your account on file or the backup card you have on file.

Step Four:

After your session is complete, come back to your viewing and ordering session to pick the images you love. You may add on additional products at that time if you wish. Pay with the money that is stored in your Boudie Bank Account and pay off any remaining balance that you have! Once your products are paid in full your images are ordered right away!

Please note: NO products will be ordered until your last payment is completed

Frequently Asked Questions:

Take the financial worry out of your personal investment!

Who is eligible?

I would suggest the Booty Bank Account to any client who does not have a particular occasion in mind for their session, based on the uncertainty of available dates to book your session when your payments are complete. Other than that, this option is available to anyone who wants to budget for their session!

How long can I pay into the booty bank account?

You can make payments for up to 10 months! That gives you PLENTY of time find the perfect lingerie, or save enough money to buy the empowering experience and luxe products for your gorgeous portraits!

Are payments refundable?

Once payments have been made into the Booty Bank Account they are nonrefundable. Think of it as a retirement account for your boudoir session! Once the money is secured, it’s off limits! This will give you the push you need to follow through with continuing to save for your session:) Isn’t that why you’re doing this anyway??

What are the benefits of the Booty Bank Account?

First of all, the booty bank account allows you to do something for yourself without a large up front cost (goodbye mommy guilt!!!!) Secondly, you will be able to get the product(s) that you can’t live without (can you say 20x30 gorgeous metal print of yourself hanging over your bed??) AND let’s not forget that you’ll be able to book the session you’ve been dying to have, without the financial stress. And that is the BEST part!!

Ready to start saving? Let's set up your bank account so you can be financially worry free!

Let's Talk!

Call me Valerie at 315-323-7347 or

Email: valerie@valerievisserphotography.com

Valerie will respond with in 24 hours Monday - Saturday 9am till 5pm

Everything is taken care of for you!

Unique session/wardrobe planning, detailed posing and the creation of your custom designed products, including luxe leather and couture album collections!

I don't want you stressed about anything!

In the end you will have the highest quality, custom portrait products available!

And . . .you will have had the life-changing experience that all of my clients rave about!

Treat yourself! Love You! You are beautiful right now!

There you have it! There are many ways that you can do this for yourself!

Step out of your comfort zone! Do it for you!

Contact me today so that we can start planning!!

I am so excited for you to have this life-changing experience!

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