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January 2021 Edition

This Newsletter includes:

  • Student Council Communication
  • Future Events - Student Led Initiatives at ACM
  • ACM Society Communications
  • Metropolis Blue Communication
  • An Interview with Adora, Metropolis Blue's first release
  • Januarys Student Showcase - 'VROOM' by Mila GxG
  • Wellbeing information
  • Alumni Interview with Alan Chan from The Voice UK
  • Music Submission Section
  • Conclusion and Thanks

Hey Everyone! Welcome to ACM’s Student Council Newsletter run by YOUR Council Representatives.

The aim for the Newsletter is to be an accumulation of:

  • Recent and up-coming events,
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  • Reviews of new ACM Releases,
  • Lecturer and Alumni Interviews,
  • Relevant information on well-being


  • Society information and communications.

We have created this newsletter to amplify the student voice throughout the entire ACM community, we want to hear your thoughts, promote your initiatives and music and also provide a platform for any concerns or issues you may have. Don't hesitate to reach out! content@acm.ac.uk

If you would like to be involved in writing or have any ideas you would like to include please consider joining the ACM Student Council! *No experience needed* If you are interested in joining please contact us using this email:


Student Council Communication

The Student Council have been representing ACM students since the start of the academic year to raise student concerns with ACM Staff and Kainne Clements, ACM Chairman.

This has been really successful and has led to changes from educational delivery to the creation of new societies.

If you have any suggestions or concerns you would like to be raised at the next student council meeting please let us know by filling in this online form to allow ACM students to communicate any concerns:

Student led Initiatives at ACM...
The Chillout Sessions (Logo: Patricia Sedeno Carmona)

Remember the time when we used to go to pubs after Uni and talk about lectures, music and life?

Well, we can’t do it now, however, we can hang out digitally at Chillout sessions on Zoom.

Just ask for your own breakout room and you can chillout with your friends - Like your own table in a pub, but online.


01/02/2021 - 12/02/2021

Everyday at 5pm.

The Met Blue Podcast is a new part of the Metropolis Blue Label at Metropolis launching on the 2nd of February.

The Met Blue Podcast looks into the world that is the music industry. Be it as an artist, producer, manager, or just as a fan, there's something here for you.

We'll take a look into the changing music world through interviews with some of the best up and coming talents it has to offer.

The first episode will be out on 2nd February, on Spotify and Soundcloud. If you like to get involved, get in touch with Flo:


Network n' Chill (Logo: Neii)

Network n’ Chill is an online platform where students can meet other fellow students across the three ACM campuses in all pathways.

It started as a lockdown project in order to connect and socialize which was and still is currently needed because of the pandemic. Our goal is to provide spaces for social interaction, collaboration and extra curricular learnings.

In this term, we will launch our new project called “Chillout sessions” which will provide students daily hangouts every day from 5 pm.

In the future, we will expand Network n’ Chill by delivering online concerts, masterclasses and more opportunities to network.



(Lookout on ACM socials and Canvas messages)

The Online Gig by Sage On The Moøn

To celebrate the release of her new single 'Strangers' Sophie Page is hosting a second online gig on Friday 12th of February at 7pm on her YouTube channel: Sage On The Moøn.

The gig will focus on original music by a variety of small independent artists. There will also be a special guest from The Voice 2020 and a mixture of ACM students and other small artists she admires.

The full line up will be announced on Facebook as well as on the Sage On The Moøn artist page & Instagram.

Check out Sage On The Moøn's Socials here:

The YouTube page where The Online Gig will be available on Friday the 12th of February at 7pm is linked here!:

ACM Society Communications
The JAM Society

A New Years message from Aaron Teague The JAM Society Lead:

A Happy New Year from The ACM JAM Society, and our Cross-Campus Expansion Announcement:

The Jam Society is a brand new society at ACM, Founded by Metropolis Blue Campus Lead for Birmingham and Creative Artist Course Rep, Aaron Teague

The Jam Society has already enabled ACM students (at all levels!) at ACM Birmingham to play live music with one another, learning and playing new material weekly, with new people each week, all during the coronavirus pandemic

With that in mind, and due to popular demand, The Jam Society is looking to expand across to all campuses in the coming months

Keep your eyes peeled for further announcements, and follow us on Instagram for updates straight from the source

For any questions, please email:

or DM the Instagram page.

Jam Society Footage From Aces ACM News EP03:

A New Years message from Ieuan Sanders the Radio Society Lead:

Hi, we at The Radio Society would like to use this newsletter as an opportunity to invite you to be part of the society and enjoy the content we have available to you over at our canvas page.

Before lockdown we created our first episode of ‘ACM Live’, a series of live lounge style sessions recorded in ACM’s world class studios.

Kiki Makin, a hip hop artist from the London campus, has his fantastic session available over at The Radio Society page on canvas. We look forward to getting back into the studio to continue this series.

Also available to you right now are episodes of ‘Track by Track’ with artist such as, Jake Goodrum, The Ringards and Heartworms.

Over lockdown we will be doing what we can remotely including more episodes of ‘Track By Track’, an album of the week from each member of the team, Instagram takeovers and a show to bring you the best of new music from ACM.

If you would like to get involved make sure to follow our Instagram and join our Facebook group, both of which you can find linked here. If you have any other questions please reach out to us at the email radiosociety@my.acm.ac.uk.

A New Year’s message from Joshua Menon the Christian Union Lead:

‘Happy new year, we will be thinking and praying for you all. Lots of love, the Christian Society’

In the New Year, the Christian Society has plans for weekly meetings to support and encourage each other in exploring Christianity and learning about Jesus.

There will also be events throughout the term on specific topics and regular worship Singalongs.

The Christian Union is open to everyone!

If you want to come along to a meeting, have any questions you would like to chat about or just want someone to talk to, feel free to contact us at:

or through our Facebook page:

Have Your Say

Metropolis Blue Communication

Metropolis Blue is ACMs student-run record label. Our aim is to expand over the next academic year, with teams to support artists we’re working with.

By working with ACM Lecturers, Industry Professionals, AWAL and Metropolis Studios, we represent the very best talent ACM has to offer; from the boardroom and releases, to the stage and social media.

Met-Blue works across all campuses, with weekly open meetings - Every Friday

We’re also looking for more student artists, producers, graphic designers, photographers, social media experts, A&R’s, managers and session musicians to join our roster. If you think you fit the bill we’d love to get to know you here:

Please reach out to our Campus Leads with any questions you may have at metblueprteam@acm.ac.uk :

Aaron Teague - Birmingham

Sophie McCarthy - London

Rhiannon Stygal - Guilford

You can also join us for our next meeting on Zoom every Friday at 12:15

Metropolis Blue Alumni

Recently, We've been working with Adora; a London based duo with a taste for all things vintage and grunge. We had a chance to catch up with them (Below!), to get a flavour for what they're all about...

Metropolis First Release

What kind of music does Adora make?

We like to say that our music is very much inspired by sounds and styles from other eras: 70s rock, 80s disco, 90s grunge, etc.

However, we love well produced, clean modern sounds as well, so we try to blend that into our music too.

If we had to label our sound, we would call it ‘nostalgic rock-pop’ or something like that."

What inspires you to make music and poetry respectively?

Music - well music is something that is very present in our daily lives and has always been. Not a day goes by without us listening to music, singing, dancing, playing instruments or doing something music-related. That keeps us motivated to stay consistent whilst creating.

We get most of our inspiration from actual music that we love - be it 30 years old or 2 days old. We’re always listening to and analysing tracks, trying to find sounds and lyrics that make us feel something. Then we translate that into our own style and our own experiences and build songs from there.

Poetry - we quite literally just sit down, have a think about what’s going on in our minds and our lives, and try to put that into prose in a way that makes us happy to read it over. Sometimes we’ll get a concept in mind, perhaps inspired by art, songs, our own thoughts or other literature, and then we might come to our journals with that idea in mind and simply start writing to see where that takes us."

And finally, tell our readers about any upcoming projects you have for us to look out for.

We are releasing our debut single, ‘Anthem to the Youth’, on the 19th of February through Metropolis Blue. This song is inspired by the 70s rock energy - something which is at the core of Adora’s essence.

This song is a love letter to youth culture, in which we express the urge to stay present and not take current experiences for granted.

Together with the song, we are releasing a music video, shot in London by fashion blogger and videographer ‘The Unidentified Rocker’.

Check out our socials for killer daily content, and feel free to DM us to have a chat.

Fran + Romi, Adora

Januarys Student Showcase - 'VROOM' by Mila GxG, (Prod OvieTheCreator)


Born in Dublin, raised in Nigeria, but also having lived in South Korea and North America, known to most as 'Mila GxG' or 'Mila', an upcoming Afrobeats Artist, who has been influenced by the likes of Fela Kuti, Asa, Wizkid, Burnaboy, Lagbaja and American artists such as Young Thug and Lil Wayne.

‘VROOM’ Mila’s latest release shows a part of his sound he believes the world is ready to hear. 'VROOM' came about during a financially difficult time in his life and he uses the term as a metaphor to express how he wants to progress in his music career. It motivated him to make a track that is inspiring, not only to himself, but to all those up-and-comers who are grinding hard to achieve their dreams, and who never give up, regardless of the situation.

As he says “The people hating won’t be there to spend the money when you’ve made it”.

Watch a teaser of Mila's un-released Music Video here and check out 'VROOM' at the link below:

We would love to feature as many Student Releases as possible so please get in touch for the chance to be featured in next month's Student Showcase:


The ACM Safeguarding Team

Mental and Physical Health is so important – especially during lockdown. Self-care in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak includes focusing on things you can control instead of those you cannot.

Make sure to keep doing things you enjoy and where possible try to stick to a daily routine and normal activities. For more information please head to:

Togetherall is an anonymous online service providing resources for mental health and wellbeing – focusing on anxiety, depression, isolation, and stress, relationship problems and lifestyle challenges.

They have a network of trained professionals providing 24/7 support around the world so please get in touch if you feel you need help – it’s okay not to feel okay

Alumni Interview Information collected by Aaron Teague (Birmingham Creative Artist Course Rep)

January's Alumni Interview is with Alan Chan - Former ACM student, Current Senior Ambassador for ACM London and Quarter-Finalist on The Voice UK 2020

Tell us a bit about who you are and what kind of music you make

My name is Alan Chan and I am a proud British born Chinese man. During the first lockdown in 2020, thanks to the all the advice of my tutors via Zoom meeting, I decided to not give up and quit my final year of studying and with disbelief, graduated from ACM studying BA (Hons) in Professional Music Performance and soon after, gained employment as the Senior Ambassador at ACM London campus, which for those of you who know me, I regard as my second home.

I love being a musician and a vocal artist and I will soon be successful enough to buy my family a big house to live in and my big brother a Ferrari F40. As a child of the 80’s, growing up in the amazing surroundings of Camden and Kentish Town area, before telephones were wireless, WiFi, the Internet and remote controls, I would always have the HiFi radio on, borrow my two elder brothers Walkmans which played cassette tapes and raid their vinyl collection which had all different genres of music.

To name a few, Motown 25th Anniversary Collection, Enya, N.W.A, Depeche Mode, UB40, Bee Gees, Michael Jackson, a’ha, MIle Davies ‘Kind of Blue’, Stevie Wonder, ‘ Songs in the Key of LIfe’, Soul II Soul (Vol.1), Madonna and many other great artists and bands albums.

I watched ‘Top Of The Pops’ religiously on Saturday nights to find out who was in the UK Top 40, I recorded the show on a VHS cassette tape to rewind, pause and forward manually throughout the week, learn the songs and the dance moves of the artists.

I paid close attention to what everyone was listening to around me, my friends, families and neighbours are all from different ethnic backgrounds with African, Caribbean, Middle Eastern, Eastern European and Asian origins. I would go to their homes and just listen to what their parents were listening to, even though I didn’t understand the language and lyrics of the songs, I really felt inspired and appreciated the emotion of the music and story the singer was vocally expressing, Aunties and Uncles would say, ‘‘It is the music from where we are from’, our culture’ so we never forget where we are from’, it keeps us close to home even though we are so far away’. I will always remember these words of inspiration.

On weekends, to stay out of trouble, I would go to my Uncle Ray's music shop to help out and in my free time, I would attempt to play every instrument I could find. On occasion, I would visit my uncle Joe’s to learn martial arts. With all this knowledge and experience, I learnt to respect everyone, appreciate my roots and learned Chinese by regularly communicating to my elders whenever I could."

What inspired you to apply for The Voice UK?

In my 2nd year Advanced Music Theory class, my tutor Scott McGill kept telling me that The Voice UK 2020 was auditioning upstairs in the ACM demo theatre and that I should go up there. I didn’t want to at the time because I thought all TV talent shows were rubbish and strongly believed I wouldn’t go through.

After an hour and a half of, ‘What have you got to lose!’, 'You're gonna kill it’ and ‘Give it a shot man!’ during a lesson and my class telling me to go. I promised Scott I would go to the audition if he would stop asking me to. When I went upstairs, the two women who are the producers of the show stated that I couldn't do an audition as contestants needed to email three weeks in advance for a place.

Just as I was about to say, never mind and walk away, I told them about how my tutor Scott kept trying to convince me to do this audition, they loved the story and decided to let me audition if others did not turn up at 5pm. After my 10 min audition and 6 more weeks of auditions, I did it, I was in.

What was your experience like on The Voice UK?

There was lots of travelling and further auditions until they decided I was good enough to be one of the last 100 contestants, picked from the 100,000 people who entered, I still don't believe I got through.

I met and worked with some of the best musicians in the world rehearsing almost every two weeks in the most prestigious and popular venues and studios in England. Meeting Sir Tom Jones, Olly Murs, Meghan Trainer, will.i.am, all the show's producers, camera team, sound team, Light team and runners meant I bugged all of them and asked lots of questions and gained so much knowledge on how it all works before I got knocked out in the quarter-finals respectively by the contest winner.

What is the best piece of advice you’ve gained from your experience in the industry so far?

  • Be on time, if the appointment is at 10:00, be ready at 09.20.
  • Show positivity and respect to everyone you meet and be polite.
  • Lead by example by being yourself, always remember you get what you give.
  • Ask lots of questions in regards to anything you find interesting and want to know about. When there is an opportunity, learn from it, take it as far as you can because it may not ever happen again.
  • Be humble and patient
  • Always be practising whenever you can so that you are always ready. Listen and learn as much as you can.
  • Perform like it is your last ever performance no matter how you are feeling physically and emotionally, always stay focused. When the music plays, that is it, nothing else matters, everything else is noise.

How long does it take you to do your hair in the morning?

"Five to ten mins depending on what I will be doing on the day! If I am performing or have an interview, then I might take a bit more time to look presentable."

Tell us about some of your favourite celebrity encounters

  • "Sir Tom Jones telling me I am a great performer, for me, this was the pinnacle of my musical career and life. To be told that I have what it takes to succeed from one of the greatest artists in the world is beyond words.
  • Olly Murs coaching and mentoring me to the quarter finals and still advises and supports me today
  • Meghan Trainer stated she is always happy to see me perform on stage and meeting her dad and husband.
  • will.i.am dubbing me ‘Hell Boy’ and saying I remind him of Metallica every time I perform.
  • Ellie Goulding mentoring me and stating that I have an amazing energy that she loves and that not many people have.
  • Olivia Colman stated that she was amazed by my performance while rehearsing in the next studio where she was filming The Crown.
  • Rowan Atkinson told me that I am a natural performer and should consider taking acting as a career
  • Dave Gilmour from Pink Floyd came into one of my rehearsals in John Henry’s studio and stated I have a ‘Fxxking great voice man’!
  • Boris Johnson PM while performing in NO.10 stated I am a great performer and that I am an ambassador for the London and UK Chinese community. Sadiq Khan Mayor of London also invited me to perform at Trafalgar Sq. for Chinese New Year.
  • HRH The Prince of Wales stated that I sound just like Jon Bon Jovi back in college
  • Ace from Skunk Anansie who was my industry link tutor and mentor at ACM and is still one of my primary advisors today whenever I need support and all my tutors at ACM have taught and still play a big part in my progression in the music industry.
  • Rick Parfitt from Status Quo told me that ‘music is in your DNA Al’, keep it up!’. I had the opportunity to perform alongside Rick in raising awareness for the WWF at Notting Hill Carnival back in 1994.
  • Sam Smith at the Brits having coffee together as ACM Senior Student Rep"

Your new single with Universal Music ‘Monster vs. Men’ came out on the 8th of January - Tell us a bit about the song and what it means to you.

The foundation of the instrumental and lyrics was written and arranged by my writing and music business partner Adam Wedd. He showed me the track and I fell in love with it. After the first lockdown, we decided to change a few words and rearranged the vocal melody and vocal expression so that it leans towards the topic at hand which is Covid-19 = Monster, Vs. all people = Men, all people around the world. The struggle we are all going through.

Due to lockdown, the video release which we had already filmed cannot be edited and completed due to the recent 3rd lockdown. I cannot wait to finish it and share it with everyone.

Please enjoy my 1st Single ‘Better Man’ and my 2nd single ‘Monster Vs. Men’ at the link below!

Stay safe! With all my appreciation, love and respect, Alan Chan UK

Would you like to have your new release reviewed or featured?

We are aiming to review several new releases every month! These will be non-biased and honest reviews aiming to be constructive, and critical whilst also celebrating the talent ACM has to offer and giving you the opportunity to promote to a wider audience.

If you’re interested, please send a link to your track and a short bio to the email below and we’ll get back to you!


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