Teacher By: Zakira Thompson

Daily tasks: Planning, Developing and Organizing Instruction, School keeping, and Recording keeping, managing student conduct, Presenting subject materials, Assessing student learning, and Meeting professional obligation.
Work Schedule: Start at 8:00- 3:13 unless you have to stay after the school to help a student , parent teacher conference, and a meeting for all of the teachers.
Salary for high school teachers are 58,002 they're are different salaries for teachers it depends on what you who you are teaching and where are you teaching at.
Work environment: High school is were i work and i work with other teachers, counsels, also principal and the settings that i am working in is a school.
Issues/Problems: sometimes students may cause a problem in class by arguments, fights and horse playing in the classroom when they don't suppose to be.
Benefits: paid holidays is summer, Christmas, and Thanksgiving and retirements depends on how long you have been working It's like a social security, but less secure.
How do teachers help children/and or families: Teachers help children by coming to school everyday to help them learn things that they didn't know how to do at first, and families by involving themselves to know their backgrounds about their lives.
Education: Teachers education has to complete high school and go to college for 4 years. The minimum education requirements for becoming a teacher is a bachelor's degree.
Work skills: Enjoy communicating your understanding to others, Have confidence, Have great organizational skill, Work effectively in groups, and Be able to deal with conflict.


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