Forced Marriage BY: Yanni Cariaga

1) A global map of where the type of slavery is found in the world A forced? marriage takes place when the bride, groom or both don't want to get married but are forced to by others, usually their families. People forced into marriage may be tricked into going abroad, physically threatened and/or emotionally.

2) An explanation of what your type of slaver is? feeling that they no longer have control over their own lives, many end up depressed, or attempting suicide.

3) Why is the form of slavery found? Forced marriage is usually needed for religious or cultural purposes. Sometimes the family just want the women to have a "safe" future and promising. Other reasons is to keep honor in the family, and/ or the parents are afraid to watch them wed strangers. Some families have to force their children into marriage so they could be with someone of same religion or race. Lastly the rest of the reasons is to keep the women's sexuality in tact or the family needs money and marriage can help.

4) Who is involved? Girls under the age of 18 are forced to set trafficking which leads to forced marriage. 76 percent of Nigeria, 68 percent of central African Republic, 68 percent of Chad, 65 percent of Bangladesh, 55 percent of Mali, 52 percent of Guinea., 52 percent of South Sudan, and 52 percent of Burkina Faso.

5)What is being done to eliminate the form of slavery? There is many organizations who work on trying to rescue the slaves. They provide safe house for them. They inform people of what -is being done and try to get the slaves mentally stable again. They raise awareness for the men and women in a forced marriage that is abusive.

6)What type of treatment do these slaves receive? If these types of slaves resist to any thing of whoever owns them they will get punished. The punishment includes physical beatings. They also can get mentally 'beatings'. This happens when the owner starts messing with the slave's mind. These slaves do not have the choice to refuse and can have a very bad mentally state.

7)Do these slaves enjoy any type of freedom?What are they? Victims in forced marriage can go along with a "normal" life except the part where they are married to a total stranger who can harm/ kill them. They are able to go outside and shop, get food, and visit whoever there owner allows them too. The bad thing though is if they dissatisfy their spouse then they'll get beat.

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