Wildcat News August 31, 2018

Homecoming week Sept 17-21

Dress up days for Homecoming Week are the following:

Monday, September 17th: Character Day

(dress as your favorite superhero, character, or meme/vine)

Tuesday, September 18th: Tacky Tourist Day

(dress in tacky tourist attire)

Wednesday, September 19th: Senior Citizen Day

(dress like an elderly person)

Thursday, September 20th: Valentine’s Day in September

(If you’re taken, wear RED; if it’s complicated, wear YELLOW if you’re single, wear GREEN)

Friday, September 21st: WILDCAT SPIRIT DAY

(wear your Homecoming Shirt, FHS shirt, or blue and orange)

Show your FHS PRIDE, participate in all of the dress up days for Homecoming 2018!!!!

Homecoming representatives (1 for each grade/6 girls and 6 boys Seniors) will be voted on in the coming days.

Plan to come out and support our Wildcats at the Homecoming game against the Holly Pond Broncos at 7pm on Sept 21st!

2018 Football Team, Cheerleaders, and Coaching Staff

Football season is finally here! Come out to support our team, here is a look at the first few weeks of our schedule:

08/31/2018 7:00 PM against Maplesville High School @ Fultondale High School

09/07/2018 7:00 PM against Locust Fork High School @ Fultondale High School

*First region play game, we haven't lost a region game in over 2 years*

09/14/2018 7:00 PM at Pennington, J.B. High School William R. Sutton Stadium


Fultondale High School Volleyball Season opening soon!

The first game of the season will be September 13th @ Fultondale High School @5pm, only the varsity team will be playing.

Marching Band

This season the marching band will be playing Aztec Fire and Great Balls of Fire. The drumline will be playing a new Drumline cadence. Featured in the drumline this year we have Sam Cook (The Legend), playing the quads and our two snare drummers are Laura Arrington and Chris Arizaga. The bass drummers are Linus Ellis, Destiny Stewart, Ural and Madison.


Fultondale Drama Club is going to be putting on the production of Little Shop of Horrors this fall. Auditions were held and the cast has been set.

The cast for the production:

Seymour- Joe Lombardo

Audrey- Jade Roberts and Laura Arrington

Mr. Mushnik- Zachary Pierce and TeRae Jones

Orin Scrivello- Sebastian Yarbrough T.V. Broadcaster- Brooklyn Henderson Group I Crystal Chiffon Ronnette: Emily Carey, Mikayla Givan, and Kendal Miller

Group II Crystal Chiffon Ronnette: Ava Whitmer, Kendal Mathis, and Stormie Young.

For more details regarding the play please see Ms. Alexander or Mrs. Davidson. Art II will be helping build the set for the play, for more details regarding the set and the materials see Mr. Eric in the Tech Building

Little Shop of Horrors is a production based off of a monstrous plant who has a ravenous appetite. Seymour finds the plant one day after an eclipse of the sun.He names the plant after his crush Audrey who works with him at Mr. Mushnik’s run down flower shop. The plant, Audrey II slowly increases her appetite for blood as Seymour’s feelings for Audrey grow deeper.

Upcoming Events

This Monday September 3rd

Lunch Menu

Tuesday Sept 4 Chicken Casserole Rice Hot Pocket Cauliflower w/cheese Peas & Carrots Variety of Fruit

Wednesday Sept 5 Chicken Alfredo Homemade Roll Hamburger/Cheeseburger Parmesan Tuscan Salad Potato Wedges Variety of Fruit

Thursday Sept 6 Chicken Poppers Bean & Beef Burrito Mashed Potatoes Green Beans Tortilla Chips Carrots Variety of Fruit

Friday Sept 7 Pizza Crispito Mexican Beans Corn Variety of Fruit

Monday Sept 10 Country Fried Steak Biscuit Hot Ham & Cheese Mashed Potatoes Turnip Greens Variety of Fruit

Tuesday Sept 11 Taco Salad Mexican Cornbread Pizza Pinto Beans Corn Variety of Fruit

Wednesday Sept 12 Spaghetti Homemade Roll Nathan's Hot Dog Parmesan Tuscan Salad Cauliflower w/cheese Variety of Fruit

Thursday Sept 13 Tyson Hot Wings Fiesta Pizza Carrots & Celery, fresh Green Beans Chips Variety of Fruit

Friday Sept 14 Steak Nuggets Spicy Chicken Sandwch Cornbread Potato Wedges Steamed Broccoli Cooked Carrots Variety of Fruit

Welcome New Faculty to the Wildcat Family!

Cameron Davenport is one of our new teachers, he is in room 210. He teaches 8th grade science and here are some facts about him: He has a dog named India, loves to travel especially outside of the country, loves to watch movies, and loves to play sports.
Kristina Marcus, this is Mrs. Marcus' first year of teaching. She enjoys teaching Math and English the most, she is an Exceptional Ed teacher for grades 9th - 12th
Mr. Taylor Novara, our new Media Specialist. This is his first year as a media specialist, but he taught History at Oak Grove HS and Russell County HS previously. He graduated from Athens State University and received his MS from University of West Alabama. He is engaged to his fiancee, Lexie, and they are to be married this October!
Anna Firestone is a Instructional Coach at Fultondale High School and her job is to be a resource for teachers and principals. She looks at the testing data and she helps brainstorm what we can do improve what FHS students know. She has been working as an Instructional Coach for 2 years at Madison County School system before she moved to Fultondale High. She is a wife of a football coach at Gardendale and a mom of three kids, Jackson (12),Nixon (6),and Ella Kate (3). She has been teaching for 11 years and spent her first several years teaching English to both middle and high school.
Jessica Haywood is teaching science this year. She is from Athens, Alabama but I has lived in Birmingham for several years. She is a 2017 graduate of UAB with a BS degree in Biology and she will be finishing a masters degree this semester also from UAB. For fun she likes to go hiking and camping, and enjoys spending time with her family and her dogs.

Humor and Motivation Section

You can’t have have a million dollar dream with a minimum wage work ethic.

There’s a difference between not knowing and not knowing yet.

Humor: Roses are red, violets are blue, a face like yours belongs in the zoo, don’t worry I’ll be there too, not in a cage but laughing at you.

Riddle: I have no doors but I have keys, I have no rooms but I do have a space, you can enter but you can never leave. What am I?

Test your skills: What is 3-3x0+3/3=

Math fun: A clock chimes 5 times in 4 seconds.How many times will it chime in 10 seconds.

**Stay tuned for the next edition of the newsletter for the answers to the humor section above**

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