Washington D.C. Respect other’s opinions and listen to what they have to say. With a new president in office, there is a lot of arguments and protests going on, and doing this would help the situation.

This city has the 2nd highest murder rate in the nation, and an important message would be to just think about what murder does for you? It just puts you to jail, so just thinking about the outcome of murder can help prevent your life from going downhill.

This city is just one of many that have been home to women’s rights protests. An important message is simple: all people are created equal. That has been a message since the Declaration of Independence was written back in 1776, so women should be treated equal.

This city is home to the highest percent of same-sex couples in the United States. A message for this city would be to keep doing what it’s doing. Other cities should look to this city as a sign of peace for what cities should be like in the fact that people should be able to love whoever they want.

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