The Cardiovascular System Veins, Arteries, and tHe heart

What is the Cardiovascular System?

This system transports nutrients, gases, hormones, and cellular waste products throughout the body.

How does it transport these?

Through blood vessels. There are three major types of them. Artries take the blood out of the heart, and veins bring them in. Capillaries connect the veins and arteries so the blood can be transported through maximum efficiency.

What transports the molecules though the blood vessels?

Red and white blood cells. Red blood cells carry oxygen, carbon dioxide, and the nutrients the body needs to keep moving. White blood cells protect the body from harmful substances.

If the heart supplies the rest of the body with the blood with the nutrients, what about the heart? How is it supplied?

The heart is supplied with the nutrients it needs through Coronary arteries.

Another kind of artery would be a pulmonary artery.

This kind of artery carries oxygen to the lungs where it is absorbed and carbon dioxide is released into the blood stream.

What is the main artery in the body?

The aorta is the main artery in the body.

What is the liquid component of blood?

Plasma is this component. It helps the blood cells flow through the body.

Many of you may have heard of the term blood pressure, so what is it?

Blood pressure is the amount of pressure put on the arteries by the blood.

What helps the blood carry the nutrients?

These little, iron-rich molecules called hemoglobins help the blood cells transport oxygen and carbon dioxide.

We've been talking about arteries a lot, but what about the Heart? What is it?

The heart is a four chambered system that pumps the blood all over the body.

What are these four chambers called?

The atria are the two top chambers and the ventricles are the two bottom chambers.

What is a heart beat?

A heart beat is multiple contractions or pulses of blood being distributed around the body starting from the heart within a matter of time.

We better be careful in our everyday lives or something or someone could get infected by something called a pathogen.

A pathogen is a disease causing agent.

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