Literary Annalysis Monkey's paw by Julio niƱo de rivera

The monkeys paw is a paw that grants three wishes to who possess the paw, but those wishes are fatal. As you can the in photo the general its exposing the paw tho his friends and at the same time is telling them to be carful with the paw

They wish for money but the son one day went to work but an accident happened and the son died, the Mill owners were sad about it and the compensation was money, exactly what they wish for

In this photo they want to wish their boy alive boy the old man knows exactly no to, becauset if he keeps wishing for more, more bad stuff will happen to the hole family

Be careful for what you wish for. That's what the story is base on because they wish for stuff and they pay with the life os their dear son, but then thy keep wishing and they still got bad stuff

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