MY GOALS By: Branden Beckman {English 2}{period 2}

My semester goal

Is that I want to get straight A's in math, English, P.E., coding, french, and science. I will do that by studying for tests a week prior before the date of the test. I will do my homework and understand what I am learning by not just copying. Also I will put more effort into my work as if it were job and take what learned later into my life to grow as a person and make me smarter than other people.

My English goal

Is to obviously get an A, but just an A a very high A. I want to get a 95% grade or better because last semester I did get an A, but it was a 92.7% and I know I can do way better than that. I plan on getting to this goal by of course studying, comprehending my homework and assignments not just doing them, but learning from them. Lastly I want to be less lazy with English and not just fly by, but I want to get something out of it this semester for future growth of knowledge for the future.

My high school goal

Is to graduate with a 3.85 or better because I want the scholarship to a college not only academically but also athletically with either football or track. I will do this by practicing really hard with my footwork and lifting weights to get bigger and stronger to run over people, and be faster by sprinting with weights strapped on my back. I need that scholarship because I have a single mom and she can't afford to just throw money into a college let alone she works really hard to put food on the table, water i can drink, and a home i can live in. So I will work really hard for that scholarship.

My after high school goal

Is to achieve in getting into any college that offers scholarships to me. I want to play college football and run track for a college too, so I will have to work really hard on technique and strength to get there. I also want to be an Anesthesiologist or be an NFL medic or something to do with the NFL, because I love football. I would also not mind do telemarketing as a side job in college because I am great at persuading people to buy something or do something. That's What I want to do when I get older, I know things will change, but that is just how life goes.

My personal growth goal

Is to be an overall nice person and try not to speak my mind as much. I want to not speak my mind and try to keep my mouth shut, because I come off as a jerk. Now I am straight forward and very honest, but I shall keep it to a minimum. I want to get bigger, stronger and faster for football and track. I am in really good shape but when you see a 250- 310 pound linemen come at ya, you´ll want to be big to get a round the big fella, and I love to work out. I also want to be less lazy in school because I do want to be a successful person that doesn't have to worry about money when I get older. I had that experience when I was younger with my two sisters with my single mom, those times were tough and eventually my mom worked but off and gave us a nice childhood to grow up in. That is my personal growth goal/ goals.

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