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Basic Info: Walker Evans was Born on November 3, 1903 in St. Louis, Missouri. he died on April 10, 1975.

How he became a photographer: Evans was born into a wealthy family, he studied at Williams College, and dropped out and took up photography.

Style: Evans likes to take dark photos of people in troubled times. Evans documented the great depression and the toll it had on the south. What makes him unique is he exposed the great depression to the rest of the U.S.

My Opinion: In my opinion, i like Walker Evans' work. It is raw, and unedited. The pictures are just interesting to look at because your mind thinks about the story behind each picture.

There really is no composition in this picture, it just is a portrait of a man. This man looks as if he has been working very hard recently and he seems like he is too old to work, but since this is during The Great Depression, the man's family probably needs money and Evans caught a picture of him going to or coming from work. What i like is that this phot, like all the others, tells a story.

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