Character log By Alvaro Cervera

George Milton

George's dream is to own his own farm with his best friend

  • Is lennie's parent
  • Short in size
  • He is a migrant worker
  • Travels with lennie
  • Is responsible for lennies actions
  • Forgiving
  • Smart

"I could easily a few hutches and you could feed the alfalfa to the rabbits"pg. 57

"I could build a smoke house"pg. 57

Lennie Small

Lennie's dream is to tend rabbits on a farm

  • Big in height
  • Mentally disabled
  • Likes to touch things
  • Innocent
  • Strong
  • Protective to George
  • Careless

"An' rabbits, George." Pg. 57

"Lennie shouted. An' have rabbits." Pg. 15


Candy's dream is to have a place that even when he is too old he could stay

  • Old
  • Was a Ranch worker
  • Is a swamper
  • Missing a hand
  • Has little money
  • Lost his dog
  • Tall

"I ain't much good" pg. 59

You'll let me hoe in the garden even after I ain't no good at it." Pg. 60


Curley's dream is to be big and feard

  • Boss's son
  • Short
  • Aggressive
  • Likes to pick fights
  • Hates big guys
  • "Amateur boxer"
  • Respects no one but slim

"No big son-of-a-bitch is gonna laugh at me" pg. 62

"Come on, ya big bastard" pg. 62

Curley's wife

Curley's wife dreams of being a movie star

  • Curley's wife
  • Is a tramp
  • Feels lonely
  • Dislikes curley
  • Believes she can still become a movie star
  • "Beautiful"
  • Mean

"He says he was gonna put me in the movies" pg. 88

"I met one of the actors. He says I could go with that show." Pg.88


Crook's dream is to be have somebody who cared and he could talk to

  • Black
  • Reads lots of books
  • Lonely
  • Sleeps in the barn
  • Has no one there for him
  • Doubtful
  • Feels like less than everyone else

"He can't turn to some other guy" pg.73

"If some guy was with me" pg.73


Slim's dream is to have peace between everyone

  • Prince of the ranch
  • "The law"
  • Calm
  • Respected
  • Giving
  • realistic attitude
  • Passive

"Slim neither encourage nor discourage him."pg.39

"For slim's opinions were law."pg.45

"You can have a pup if you want to."pg. 45

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