Uzbekistan Luke koehler


My country is in the northern hemisphere and the eastern hemisphere in Asia.

Bordering countries include Kazakstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Afghanistan.

Picture of capital city

My capital city is called Tashkent and is located at 41°n and 70°e.

Physical characteristics

My country is in the temperate temperature zone wich means it has four seasons and is a good balance of hot and cold.

Temperature zone map

Some of my country's most famous features are the kyzylkum desert wich one of the biggest deserts in the world. My country also has the mirzachel desert.


My country population is around 30.1 million and it ranked 46 in the world it would be described as a medium country.

My country has a population density of 175 people per square mile and is average crowded. It's world rank is 143.

Growth rate is how fast a country is growing, my country's growth rate 1.14 wich is pretty average.


My five largest citys are Tashkent with a population of 2.31 million, Namangan with a population of 475,700, Samarkand with a population of 404,423, andijan with a population of 333,423 and last but not least buxoro with a population of 263,400.


My country is more rural than urban because of its vast deserts.

My country's net migration rate is -2.46 so more people are leaving the country.



My country is delvoping. It's GDP per capita is $3,800 the worlds average is $12,000. It's life expectancy is 73.29 years, and it's literacy rate is 99.4.


The main language my country speakes is Uzbek. Some also speak Russian.

The main religion is Muslim.

Sports include Kurash wich is an ancient form of upright jacket grappling wich was formed in the territory of what is now uzbekistan. It is aT least 3,500 years old. It is one of the oldest marshal arts still practiced. Kurash is also an Uzbek word.


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