Student Staff Spotlight: Brian Fields

Brian is a Political Science and Peace, War & Defense double major from Fayetteville, NC.

He is a junior student and has worked at the Carolina Union since January of 2017 as the co-director of Carolina United.

What is a fun fact about yourself?

A picture of me from when I was at the UNC vs. Syracuse Final Four game from 2016 was featured in the 2017 March Madness Commercial on CBS!

What is your favorite spot to hang out in the Carolina Union?

In the Student Life & Leadership suite, of course. (Everyone feel free to stop by!)

What is your favorite Bottom of Lenoir restaurant?


How has working at the Carolina Union helped define your Carolina experience?

Working at the Union has introduced me to wonderful people, great opportunities, and a means of employment that makes me excited to go to work and makes me a better person. My colleagues and bosses in Student Life and Leadership make me laugh, think, and challenge myself on ways we can help foster stronger camaraderie and better communicative leadership at this University. My boss, Kate Kryder, is a role model and one of the most genuine and empathetic people I have ever met, and our graduate assistant Ebony West is inspiring and comes in every day with a commitment to work. Coming into work every day with coworkers like Kate, Ebony, and my co-director Destiny, who all have such a commitment to the values of this University, makes working at the Union such a wonderful experience.

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Jacob Blount - UNC 18


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