George Wythe's Photo Journal Mumbi johnson

This object was used as a pulley. This object was made out of a barrel and rope. They tied up the rope to make it into something that can lift up objects. They used it to lift barrels because they were heavy most of the time. This is more convenient for carrying heavy items.

One outdoor activity that was interesting to me was going on the boat, Susan Constant. I learned that their were about 71 people in total that traveled on that boat from England to Virginia. The space was not at a very good quality for staying in for 4 1/2 months. People had to sleep on uncomfortable mattresses and had to sometimes sleep on the floor. If people had to go to the bathroom or if they suffered from seasickness than they would have to go do their buisness in a chamber pot and that stuff would not go anywhere. Also the passengers were not allowed to go up on deck for the most part. On the brightside, they had a full food and drink supply and they had games for the passengers to entertain themselves on the long journey.

Today I visited the Tin Shop because I wanted to see it for myself since I usually dont come to stores myself. I noticed the place smelled like smoke because they were melting the tin to make into the shape they desired. The tin was imported from Britain to Virginia. I also learned that the Tin Shop sold the tin to the military. They sold tin coffee containers, tin cups, tin utensils, etc. They also made canon balls out of the tin for the military to fight against the British. The soldiers would come to the shop and order the supplies that they would need or want. I really think those British civilians should stop importing tin to us. It's not going to end up so well for the British.

Today I will be giving you a tour of a house. The owner of this house is, well, me, George Wythe, of course. This is the outside of my very big home. The outside exterior of the walls are brick and my windows and front door are painted a basic white which seems to be my favorite color. My house is two stories tall and has many rooms.

This, my fellow readers, is my favorite part of the house. This is the dining room. I have my breakfast, lunch, and dinner here and the meals are fabulous and made by my patient, hard-working slaves. I thank them all the time for my wonderful meals. Here on the table there is tea, biscuits, ham, peas and carrots and many more food items.

This is my bedroom. My wife sleeps in a different room than me. As you can see it is painted red and has a fireplace with a picture hanging above it. The theme of the bedroom is a deep, rich, velvety, red and the color actually helps me fall asleep a lot better than other colors. Also I have a desk next to the fire place with books and papers. Also, there is my chamber pot which I do my buisness when I need to.

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