depressed: gloomy; low spirited.

This poor but funny statue is depressed.

achieved: to carry out to a successful end; accomplish.

This guy achieved a gold medal. 🎖

Philosopher: a person who attempts to discover and understand the basic nature of knowledge and reality.

This sign shows there is a club full of philosophers.

Architect: person who designs and makes plans for buildings.

A architect has planned this to be built.

Fashioned: to make,shape,or form.

Someone has fashioned these shoes to look the way they do.

Midst: in the middle of.

In the midst of the Earth is lava and rock.

Cannon: a big gun, especially one that is mounted on a base or wheels.

Back then cannons were used as defense in front of a castle.

Bronze: a dark yellow-brown alloy of copper and tin often used for sculptures and for medals.

Under the green in the Statue Of Liberty you can see that it was made of bronze and copper.

Rival: person who wants the same thing as another or who tries to equal or do better than one another.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are rivals in the 2016 presidential election.


Created with images by Boixoesnois - "Kobe Bryant" • Pixel Addict - "depressed" • Ben Sutherland - "Richard Whitehead, Paralympic GB gold medal-winning sprinter sprinter" • Michael Fraley - "West Portal Ave 07" • stux - "template cut out pattern cut contours" • pashminu - "shoes leather single" • fortmyersfl - "#earth" • Ozzy Delaney - "Cannon" • communicationcy - "new york statue of liberty new york" • marcn - "Donald Trump" • marcn - "Hillary Clinton"

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