SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY By aida cherkaoui, ines bellamine, othmane benbrahim & hamza lahmamssi


Tesla Inc. is an American automaker and car manufacturer, founded in 2003, by Elon Musk, JB Straubel, Martin Eberhard, Ian Wright and Marc Tarpenning. It is a company located in Palo Alto in the US, but however aims to deliver customers across the whole globe. The goals of the company are to deliver quality and luxury electronic cars, which is still, in 2017, a very new market which is not that popular at the moment and still more expensive that normal cars.

Our purpose here is to make and create a new social media strategy in order to engage customer to this innovative company, and attract them to this new kind of technologies, which is still unknown for most of the population in foreign countries.

First of all, we would like to base our social media strategy for this company on a few points, such as the fact that we want to attract customers, to a new concept, still unknown or not totally understood by so many people. Therefore, we will first focus on the advantages and the concept of electric cars

provided by Tesla. To do so, we will focus on creating meaningful content, such as videos and blogs, trying to attract customers and change them into loyal ones.

To begin, we could make a video, where we would show the “behind the scenes” of making a Tesla car, in the factory, on a black and white theme, with specific machines, and beautiful matter, in a very emotional way, with slow music… This would be eye-catching and very emotional to the soon-to-be customer, and he would be very interested in discovering the concept of electric cars, when he sees that they are made very carefully, and that the cars at the end end up being really beautiful and well designed.

Adding to this, we would also do a video, where we would show to them the benefits of owning an electric car, in terms of ecologic purposes, economic ones and pleasure ones. Indeed, we think that Tesla cars fits all of these terms.

We could also do an article about it, with more details and specificities about the ecologic numbers (emission of CO2…), things that would not be on the video because they are too detailed and specific.

In a certain way, people would feel more attached to the goal of the company and be more interested in buying a beautiful, electric car from Tesla.

At this point where people would be aware about the purposes and goals of the Tesla company, we would then focus on listening on social medias to our clients, customers or simply curious people, to know what they want and to make sure we provide them in the right way. We would propose to Tesla to start focusing also on surveys, customer relations and post-sales services. We can do so, by adopting a new concept which is doing a live podcast for example, where we answer the needs and concerns of our customers, by replying in live to all of their questions and concerns. It would make them feel more intimate with the brand and more loyal and thrust full to them. Tesla would become closer to them and it would be a win-win situation. Tesla can supply their demand and needs, while the customers find what they want in this brand.

Tesla will also need to be active, by opening a blog, and blogging every week or so, reporting news, and stories about the workers at Tesla, or maybe doing some stories among the interesting buyers, any content that would show to the market that Tesla is socially active and people would relate to their stories. It is a reminder to say that all those people working at Tesla have stories and lives, just like them. A good communication strategy.

Last but not least, we think that Tesla should also focus on its competitors, being on the market for a longer period than them, like Toyota, BMW, Renault or Citroen, and see what they used as a marketing strategy. From this point, people at Tesla would determine which strategies worked and which ones did not.

After completing this analysis, we think that our Social Media Strategy for Tesla Inc. would be effective enough to achieve our goal, which is, as we stated it, to bring more new custommers to them, into the electric car market delivered by Tesla, and maintain the highest number of customers through the years, considering that a car is not a cheap product, so a lot of the sales depend on the loyal customers. We will do so, by making more content such as videos, and blogs, while keeping in touch with the consumers though podcasts, and playing with emotions, by promoting the “human side” of the company.

Created By
Hamza Lahmamssi

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