The Clash of Civilizations Jordan roBinson G-HouR

Chapter 1: The New Era in World Politics

“Peoples and nations are attempting to answer the most basic question humans can face: Who are we?”

According to Huntington, “People define themselves in terms of ancestry, religion, language, history, values, customs, and institutions."
"Human history is the history of civilizations." -Huntington

Chapter 2: Civilizations in History and Today

Huntington divides the world into eight major civilizations which include:

The image above shows a map of the 8 major civilizations according to Huntington.
  1. Sinic
  2. Hindu
  3. Japense
  4. Western
  5. Latin America
  6. Islamic
  7. Africa
  8. Orthodox

A civilization is the broadest cultural entity. According to Huntington research and technology are the main reasons for civilizations to be created and their developments.

The video above shows a visual representation of the history and breakdown of the world civilizations.

Chapter 3: A Universal Civilization? Modernization and Westernization

According to Huntington, while the world is becoming more modern, it is becoming less western. This means that western civilizations influence and are influenced by smaller, less powerful civilizations around the world.

“Modernization, instead, strengthens those cultures and reduces the relative power of the West. In fundamental ways, the world is becoming more modern and less Western.” -Samuel P. Huntington.

Westernization vs. Modernization

Westernization is considered to be ethically neutral and is used as behavior and value aspect.

Modernization involves change in political and social organization and is normally sensed that it is good.

The image above represents a visual aspect of "global communication."
“Global communications are one of the most important contemporary manifestations of Western power”. - Samuel P. Huntington
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