Future, past and history. Candela ibáñez

The history... witness of the time, light of the true, life of the memory and teacher of the life.

We study the history because it is our angular stone. Nobody said that it was easy to come here, to be what we are. We continue commit mistakes. We have turned the lie, death, cynicism and hypocrisy partly of our essence. Literature and hungry, art and massacre, bookmarks and borders, music and racism, peace an war, magic and machism, history vs history.

Let´s not limit ourselves to repeating the history.


His real name was Charles Hardin Holley ( 7/09/1936- 3/02/1959). He was an American musician and singer-songwriter of mid-1950s rock and roll. Holly was born in Lubbock, Texas, to a musical family during the Great Depression. The Beatles, The Hollies, The Beach Boys, The Rolling Stones, Don McLean y Bob Dylan were influenced by him. He is considered one of the rock n´ roll creator. He made his first appearance on local television in 1952, and the following year he formed the group "Buddy and Bob" with his friend Bob Montgomery. In 1955, after opening for Elvis Presley, Holly decided to pursue a career in music. He opened for Presley three times that year; his band's style shifted from country and western to entirely rock and roll. In October that year, when he opened for Bill Haley & His Comets, Holly was spotted by Nashville scout Eddie Crandall, who helped him get a contract with Decca Records. Rolling Stone magazine ranked him number 13 in its list of "100 Greatest Artists". Holly chartered an airplane to travel to a show in Minnesota. Soon after take off, the plane crashed, killing Holly, Ritchie Valens, the Big Bopper, and the pilot. Don McLean composed a song called this day "The Day the Music Died", it was performed by Bob Dylan too.


The day that we could look at the eyes of equally to equally, when we connect our hands as the alone one and separate the harmful traditions of us, this day we will be able to be call human beings. Along the history We have destroyed ourselves for having another color of skin. We have lost love, friendship, knowledge and culture for the hypocrisy. It is time to change the history, to go out of our home to learn of other homes.



Sometimes, a letter can change someone’s life. That’s the premise of Write for Rights, Amnesty’s global letter-writing campaign, Write for Rights. Around the world, people will write to defend freedoms stolen from others. Because in country after country, people’s freedom – to speak out against injustice, to live on their ancestral lands, to not be discriminated against – is under threat. But with your help, those who abuse and torture will be brought to justice. And those unjustly imprisoned will taste freedom once again.

You can sign here to change somebody ´s life, help the world, help the human rights. http://www.amnesty.eu/en/campaigns/write-like-someone-s-life-depends-on-it/#.WFh1kblywVI


Here you can find a mindomo about the french revolution. https://www.mindomo.com/mindmap/lesson-two-87ec625d00304af68d44bd3672b7b038


They will label us, they were throwing us behind and they will discriminate. Only we can change, break the labels and demonstrate our capacity. Nobody us will make it easy, nobody lives foreign to the prejudices. Let's undertake and let's win.

Already coarse, which is yours is yours, from the tops of your fingers up to the last twinkle. Nobody has right to planting a flag on your navel, to breaking your beautiful face or there is necessary to assign a price to you. You can change the world, you are strong, nice, independent and not very much less property from someone. Open your heart and legs whom your you want.

To look at the same sky, to live in the same world and to fight against each other in the same war.


We have created borders and have closed them. In the same way as we have eyes and do not open them, look and we separate it. Million persons flee of his houses, of their principles, of what for them was quite. We continue living, let's be quiet to our conscience, let's leave children to cool in arms of his mothers, to which hearts give birth and to which the freedom is struck.

Thousands of bombs are twisting Syria, doing that million lungs already do not exhale air; life, death; reason, consequence. Is it easier to understand it this way?. We are persons before that a nation, etnia or religion.aces that will fall down, cracked futures. What is of the human rights and of the infancy? Hidden after the persons that they accuse these victims of thieves and that they do not know what is the war, hidden in the lips where the word justice lacks meaning. Places of reception have caught fire for refugees, their traditions and principles have been insulted, have not been listened and if you were one of them? If they were blinding him, if they were destroying your dreams, if you would not have a place to call home?

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Candela Ibáñez


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