My Utopia


The language for my civilization would be English because it is the third most well known language in the world with 335,000,000 people speaking it. My society has developed this language from ancestors from a long time ago and has been learning more words since.

Food suply

The food supply would be Bread, cabbage, fish, corn, carrots, and fruits. We grow all our crops and fruits from seeds and when they are fully grown they are shipped to their nearest market. People who grow crops gets their money worth but it depends on how many or which crop they take to the market.


My civilization's religion is christianity because christianity in my own opinion is the best religion only because i’m a christian. My people believe in 2 gods jesus and the flying god of destruction named tyrone. The flying god of destruction is not as evil as u think his name is the flying god of destruction because he has the ability to fly and he destroys every threat that comes to the utopia


The type of jobs are like normal jobs such as banks, markets, warehouses, and farming. The only way My civilization earns money is from labor. The money is distributed by the amount of hours or how much hard work that person has put in and they are also paid by how many products and crops they have brought in and sold


The government system has a large variety of laws that each citizen must follow and the penalty is either jail, probation, house arrest but it depends on what law they broke and how severe it was. The power structure of the government only has two branches and those two are the executive and the judicial branch because i feel like those are the two most important branches for my civilization


The kind of technology we have invented are phones, cars, light bulbs, and more modern day technology. They use this type of technology because it would make my civilization more advanced the transportation would be cars and buses or motorized vehicles for transportation.


The culture would be sports, music, arts, customs and education and i chose these because these are the most ideal characteristics for a perfect society. Another reason i chose these is because these are things i believe to be the best because of my personality and i would like my society to be more like me or worship their king more.

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