Caiphus Song - Amstel Flash mob AKA x Amstel LAGER create an elememt of surprise in this colloboration of brands

Caiphus Song - Proposal for Amstel

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Contact: Tshiamo Letshwene

3021 William Nicol Drive, Bryanston, Sandton

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Table of contents 1 Sponsorship Proposal



3.Target Market

4.Focus areas and Activities

5.Marketing and Communications

6.Partnership Benefits

7. Our Request

8. Intellectual property and Beam Group's role

1 OVERVIEW The Caiphus Song x Amstel Lager flash mob can be a highly effective marketing tool to create brand awareness for both Amstel Lager and the new AKA hit single. Unlike classical forms of advertising, flash mob marketing has evolved within recent years as brands use the element of surprise and the power of viral video to capture audiences both offline and online.

With this particular campaign, we would like to catch people off-guard, which will make them stop what they’re doing and watch. This tactic also has a really good chance of going viral. This is because people often record these performances when they see them and immediately upload them to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook etc. This can have an instant domino effect as people start sharing, retweeting, and ‘liking’ your video on various social media sites.

Amstel can use this platform in engaging the consumer and the brand in an environment that allows the consumer and the brand in an environment that allows the consumer to truly experience the brand or a concept around the brand.


* Create an effective strategy that will capture fans and customer's attention

* Create a video that will go viral on offline and online

* Let the theme of the mob be relevant by virtue of the time or culture or a topical issue

3 TARGET MARKET The target market (i.e. the fans and potential Amstel Lager customers) for the campaign are:

Youth and young adults with disposable income

Place high importance on fashion, lifestyle and culture

Aged 18 – 30

4. Focus Areas and Activities

The surprise event will be in a very popular and busy place on a Saturday of month end, aiming at April 1st, 2017. Market at the Sheds makes for a good crowd that isn't used to seeing AKA perform. The surprise of the audience at his appearance during the flashmob will make for a good reaction.

With the large Amstel speaker placed for the audience to play with via the aux cable, Amstel Lager will get its return on the investment. On the Saturday of April 1st, we head to the very popular Market @ The Sheds, Pretoria with the huge Amstel speaker. As usual, the audience plugs in their phone and plays, and then 2 hours later, one of our friends plugs in his/her phone to blast 'Caiphus Song' to the urban market kids of Pretoria - randomly so...

Then that person starts doing the electric dance, to be joined bit by bit by other people and then Boom, hip hop superstar AKA joins in towards the end of the song, making a final addition to the + 30 dancers.

At the end of the simple choreography, a gentleman who is selected by the brand to us somehow goes down on his knees to propose to the girl of his dreams. What an amazing marriage proposal - All recorded and ready to hit the inter web and get people talking.

5. Marketing and Communication

An important ingredient for success with this campaign will be to get opinion leaders/influencers in Pretoria to support and promote the event. The brand, Amstel can create a secret Facebook event page telling people about a free event and free beer. We can also get the local press to mention the event.

We will have to invite several newspapers, radio stations, tv, and blogs to the event, without telling them of the flashmob.

Post the event, link up with popular blogs and websites to promote the video. Get the fans excited about the video and watch them happily and effortlessly spread the fever. The fact is that the video will be brilliant in both idea and execution, people will feel happy to be a part of it in any way.

Follow up the broadcast media channels that air the video. Send in behind-the-action pictures and reaction of those strangers that witnessed the flash mob. Relate them to a topical issue. Use a language that is relatable.

Post press releases about the flash mob event in newspapers and websites. We will make it news worthy. The more views and shares we get, the more importance the video carries.

6. Partnership Benefits

Amstel Lager is entitled to have its logo used prominently in all media announcements and communications related to the event.

In all advertisements, media releases and other communications, Amstel Lager name and logo, will feature prominently alongside that of the event name.

Amstel Lager will be able to erect banners at the event grounds for the full day duration of the event. A full branding plan for the location will be developed.

Amstel Lager logo will appear on the full viral video that will go out post the event.

7. Our Request

Amstel Lager to cover performance costs for AKA, as well as usage for viral video to be posted online post the event = R450 000 excl. VAT

Amstel Lager to source out dancers (promo people) to the event, who will form part of the flash mob

Amstel Lager to provide branding at the event, as well as provide the large Amstel speaker at Market @ The Sheds, Pretoria on April 1st 2017

Both AKA team and the Amstel Lager brand team will mutually decide on the PR company used to run this campaign offline and online

8. Intellectual Property and Role of Beam Group (Pty) Ltd.

A close relationship will need to be developed between Amstel Lager and Beam Group (Pty) Ltd as the intellectual property holder and event organiser. Beam Group (Pty) Ltd. undertakes to fulfil the following responsibilities:

• Management of the entire campaign

• Logistics & site management

• Entertainment programme & promotions

• Appointment of media sponsors


• Marketing and PR

Beam Group (Pty) Ltd. reserves its rights with regard to the intellectual property associated with this event. Intellectual property rights for any elements of the event conceived and developed after the signing of a sponsorship agreement would be subject to negotiation with the sponsor.

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