Target Audience- Evaluation By Matthew de Ath

Who would be the audience for your media product?

During the production of The Book our group undertook finding audience feedback to find our target audience and how to improve our drafts. We did this by finding quantitive and qualitative research. After the research we concluded our target audience has an age bracket of 15-25 with no specific gender. From our data and research we had seen that this age bracket was the most active in watching the horror genre. However, in the mainstream industry the male audience are typical the primary audience but we thought to rid our target audience of gender to allow our film to be more open and have a wider primary audience. We create quantitive and qualitative research to question if we had the appropriate target audience and if we needed to change it.

The link below shows a blog post created discussing the appropriate target audience for our film.

Quantitive Research

Quantitive Research

I personally used Survey Monkey to find the quantitive information, allowing me to find demographic and psychographic information about our audience. The survey is placed online to the open public to receive feedback and information. Overall, I was able to receive the information of 15 people to fill out the survey.


We used the Survey Monkey to find demographic information about our target audience, to see if it agreed with our research.

  • From this data it can be said that our target audience should have a age range of 15-25.
  • Additionally, having a none specific gender audience would be the best to have the widest audience attraction.
  • In the survey I asked which supermarkets participants go to, to discover the class of our audience.
  • 12 of the participants shop at Tesco this suggests that our primary audience are from the working class.


In this section I wanted to find out about the personality, future goals and fears of the participants. This allows us to see if our film fits to the majority population or if it has a niche audience.

  • This data suggested that our narrative is part of the mainstream horror fears. With 46.67% of people saying they have fears of losing memory, this relates to the ending of our horror sequence.
  • Additionally relating to conventions of the psychological sub genre, with the characters mind become unstable and uncontrollable.
  • The data also showed us that the majority of the audience are 'Out Going', this suggest how horror audiences have specific attitudes and values that might be niche compared to a mainstream audience.
  • Finally, the data displayed the youth of our audience in which 9 of whom still wanted to travel the world.

Film Attraction

  • The data shows that 73.3% of participants enjoy the Horror genre. It can be concluded that the horror genre is apart of the mainstream industry, enabling us to receive a wider primary audience.
  • However, from the data it shows 8 of 15 people to enjoy watching one film a week. This therefore puts more importance on the marketing and quality of our film to make sure, the one film a week is ours.
  • 7 participants watched films on their own and 7 with friends. This shows us that our film can still be approachable for a secondary audience. This would be friends or family coming to watch the film with the primary audience.

Qualitative research

My qualitative Research for The Book, was a group discussion with three teenagers about the current draft shown to them. Their ages were all within my target audience age bracket and therefore were my primary audience.

This interview session displayed to me how we had the appropriate target audience, that our age range was suitable and the non specific gender would be sensible.


The data found from survey only displayed a minuet part of the population. Therefore, using a more hands on approach was sensible, enabling me to talk to our primary audience through qualitative research. Additionally, we used both research and data to find our final target audience.

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