Room to Read By Xav Defeo and Anna Austin

About 67.4 million children have a non-existent basic education. 10 million children have benefited from Room to Read


Room to Read is a charity that seeks out children from underdeveloped countries and helps them focus on literacy and gender equality in education. They work with communities, other organizations, and governments to form helpful educational skills and habits with young children. Room to Read supports young girls, so that they can finish their education with life long skills that will help them with their futures.


Room to Read has two main initiatives: A Literacy Program, and A Girl's Education Program. These kinds of programs help by: Training teachers and librarians, publishing children's books, and distributing books. Helping out with these actions by partnering with Literacy Program Partner Schools benefits children greatly.


Due to underdeveloped countries lack of internet access and school programs, charities like these are vital to young children that don't have access to these education initiatives. This effort has helped 10 million children worldwide. Another crucial role for this charity is it's benefits for women. Room to Read's Girl's Education Program has helped young girls in many ways. By helping them enroll in school, they're more likely to make a smaller and more healthy family, have a smaller chance of contracting HIV, and have a higher wage.


Room to Read's primary goal is to have at least 15 million children to have invested in their futures by 2020. They aim to have all of them learning literacy skills and reading habits in primary school. They want to continue to support girls to complete secondary school with valuable life skills.


By donating a certain amount of money, people in these countries are benefiting in different ways. For example, $50 teaches a child to read and write for an entire year. If we can raise enough money, we'll be able to give this money to the people in charge with education for children.


Room to read is a crucial part in the education for children in underdeveloped countries. Through its many programs, young girls are benefited so that they can complete their schooling. Children in Secondary schools learn vital skills in terms of literacy and education. This charity helps young children through ways in which they're able to succeed for their futures.


The Freshmen world humanities class is hosting a car wash for students from 2-4 on Saturday, May 6 in the student parking lot. If you can't attend the car wash contact Mrs. Panarelli in room 162 or Mrs. Snediker in room 205 to donate.


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