I had a Drame Dawn K.

Have you ever had a drame that was so weird you thought you were going crazy? I once had one about me and my dawg. we got lost in the woods in my Grandma’s backyard. I thought I might not ever get back to her house again?

Weird Forest in my dream

In my drame, me and my dawg went walkin in the woods late at night because we wanted to catch fireflies. When we were walkin, we taked a wrong turn and got losted. I said”,Rory I have no idea wear we are and I dunno if we will ever get back to Grandma’s”. rory just looked at me and layed down. She was know help. Rory isn’t the britest crayon in the crayon box sometimes.

Next, I tried to ask Siri for directions on my iPhone. Siri said, “i'm sorry, but I cant help you write now because i am tryin to sleep.” I was so upset I thought I would start cryin. I asked Siri to please help me, butt she said, “noway!” I didn’t no what to do.

Then I herd in owl wooing. In the quite woods, the owls wooing has as loud as a car alarm. I asked the owl, “Do you no how to get to my Grandma’s house.”

The owl asked, “Woo?”

I siad, “My Grandma.”

The owl again asked, “Woo?”

I yelled, “My Grandma, Agnes Frank, that’s who!”

The owl again asked, “Woo?”

“Owls are not wise!” I yelled. Just then, Rory and I saw a pig. The pig told us to follow him on the yellow brick raod. We followed the pig and we all said “Weeee, Weeee, Weeee,” all the way back home. Wen I opened the door to my Grandma’s house, I woke up!

That was the craziest dram I ever had in my hole life! I thought I was going to be losted forever. I was so glad when I woked up. I hope I never have a dram like that again. Especially with that annoyin, and unwise owl.


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