Gender and Sports Ambrya Clemons

For many years there has been a wage gap between men and women athletes. Which can be seen to stem from many different factors such as physical ability, popularity, and sexism. Female athletes earn a lot less than male athletes. For example the salary cap for the wnba is at $878,000.While the salary cap for the nba is at 58 million.

Although physical ability has been seen as the reason for the wage gap.I don't believe it is a valid explanation because female athletes have to go through the same training as well as keeping the same physical stamina.While males are seen to be more driven,fit and focused in these different sports.I believe women have to put in the same amount of effort and maybe even more.

As many forget there are a number of bodily changes that female athletes have to go through.Many of these women have to go through pregnancy,mother nature and hormonal changes.While this might not seem as such a big deal to the ordinary women.Many of these women are "forced" to go back to training days after giving birth to keep their positions.As said by track star Tiffany Williams "I returned to working out five weeks later"."Almost two years later im just getting back to my old form".

Many people find male sports more entertaining because they feel that they are more advanced in their skills.Many people like to see the dunking,crazy shots and other different skills.While the NBA has always been able to show dunks and other extraordinary advances.The WNBA has only had eleven of these experiences. This brings me to my point on the popularity of male sports..

I believe that the popularity difference between male and female sports is one of the biggest contributions to the wage gap.Male sports receive more promotion than women sports. When watching espn it seems that most of their discussion is focused on male athletes. This causes people not to really learn or here anything going on with female athletes.

While some amazing things can happen during a game. Many of us will not hear about it because it is not seen as important compared to the males game. Many WNBA games are not even shown on TV.I think this is causing women to make less money. I feel that if we were to show and promote more female sports they would be known more allowing people to get more interested.

Overall i believe that sexism plays a huge role in the wage gap between male and female athletes. Sexism affects their endorsements, the sports popularity and it takes away from their success. In 2012 Gabby Douglas won a gold medal But instead of being celebrated for her accomplishments. She was criticized by her looks because women are supposed to be seen as put together and always looking good for a camera.

While there is a huge focus on the women's appearance during sports. Many people could careless how a man looks while he is playing sports as long as he is doing his job on the field, court or wherever the game is being played. While watching TV have you ever noticed the lack of representation toward female athletes? I believe the picture painted by society on how a women is suppose to appear plays a huge role in the lack of representation.

I believe that female athletes don't receive many endorsements because of sexism.Many see women as being models,keeping their appearance up.So seeing a women sweaty,muscular and athletic doesn't fit into their endorsement picture.They would rather see the muscle man sweating and promoting the "man's" sport.

Finally I believe all of these things play a significant part in the wage gap between male and female athletes. I think that if we promoted and endorsed are female athletes as much as we do the male. They would be able to be paid more. I believe the only way to have equality between male and female athletes is to end the double standard that has been set for men and women.


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