UNIBIZ International Forum: The key for innovation 4.0: Bringing Universities and Business together to foster sustainable development

What is UNIbiz?

UNIBIZ is a learning forum that explores successful models of University-Business Collaboration in Europe.

Indeed, nowadays, universities and businesses have the chance to improve innovation, which is directly related to the well-being of the society - increasing its economic development, ensuring an inclusive labour market,creating strategies to manage global “grand challenges”...

In that frame, Latin America has made important efforts in the recent years to close the gap between universities and businesses. However, the productive ecosystem has become more complex.

UNIBIZ will bring together universities, business, and other stakeholders from Latin America and Europe to develop creative, concrete solutions to improve University-Business Collaboration, to the benefit of all.


BRUSSELS, Belgium, Capital of the European union


The UNIBIZ methodology uses tools of foresight in order to guide participants to explore their own expectations of University-Business Collaboration and characteristics of their successful model. It will help them to understand the European model better and develop concrete strategies to implement it successfully in their respective environments.

Additionally, this event creates a space for interaction between industry experts, worldwide leading universities and institutions to learn about their experiences and best practices.

who should attend?

UNIBIZ is a space for interaction and learning with experts in university-business collaboration, and decision makers in universities and businesses from Europe and Latin America. This forum is aimed at professionals who already work on, or are interested in, the link between universities and companies.

Some examples of the academic profiles that can benefit from participating in this forum to develop effective strategies for collaboration with businesses are:

  • Faculty directors;
  • Research centre directors;
  • Department directors;
  • Research professors.

It is also a unique opportunity for professionals and managers in companies who wish to explore how to obtain a profitable relationship with universities, impacting their research and innovation strategies, and attracting talent.

What are the benefits that UNIBIZ has to offer?

UNIBIZ-2019 offers a unique opportunity to interact with experts and professionals from European and Latin American universities, companies, and other institutions. This interaction allows participants to:

  • Expand their network of professional contacts;
  • Learn best practices to strengthen collaboration strategies in global competitive, innovative environments;
  • Develop specific action plans to build long-term collaborations through the use of an innovative methodology that draws from the field of foresight and others.

Who is organising it?

UNIBIZ is a forum organized by EUMex-Connect: Mexican Centre for European Collaboration which facilitates collaboration between Latin America, Europe and Asia in Education, Research, Innovation and Technology. The main areas that EUMex-Connect work is centred around are:

  • Higher education in international environments,
  • Effective university-business collaboration to accelerate innovation,
  • Development of world-class human capital and talent management.

Additionally, EUMex-Connect provides advice to government institutions in states, regions and municipalities for regional development strategies, industry 4.0, Science 2.0, as well as attraction and retention of highly qualified talent.


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