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Medical plants

Aloe Vera - used for burns
Cacao - used to reduce risk of heart attack, also to reduce pregrency pain and childbirth pain
Curare - helps in surgery to paralyze the muscles
Kava - treats sleeping problems
Cinchona - to combat malarial shivers


Has leaves that slope inward to carry water to the center

Food Plants

Cacao - the bean
Vanilla beans - the beans
Palm - you can eat the seeds
Tangerines - you can eat the fruit

Kava Plant

The name means "intoxicating pepper".

- releases tension sedates

- relives pain

- relaxes muscles

- used as a sign of welcome

Carnivorous plant

Venus Flytrap

It has little hairs in its mouth to capture prey in its jaws.

It captures prey to get nutrients.


Orchid Vine
Mexican Blue Elder Berry
Laelia Superbeans
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Olivia Kagan

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