Social Media Savvy Brand Ambassador Idealistic Isabel

If you landed here, you're into personal growth. You're interested in supporting others. You're ready to share your gifts and talents with the world.

Brittney Bergen, Body Freedom Coach and Personal Development Mentor is looking for someone just like you if:

You're a self-starter. A goal-getter. A get sh*t done type.

You're social media savvy. You engage with your followers often.

You have a deep desire to learn, grow, and ascend.

Position Details

CASUAL WORK: You'll start at between 1-4 hours per week. Posting on social media, repping the brand, practicing what we preach in your lifestyle and your essence.

TYPE OF TASKS: You'll take over: posting to Facebook and Instagram, co-managing our Instagram story, replying to private messages. Basically, you get to be a professional Social Media Rockstar. #lifegoalz

BENEFITS: You'll receive: our Nutrition eBook/Program absolutely free, one-on-one meetings/personal growth video calls WEEKLY with Brittney herself (over $400 value), having your smiling shining face broadcasted to close to 5000 people, and more.

 INITIAL WAGE: You'll start at $12/hr flat rate. You'll be paid as a contract employee.

Your Dream Job Awaits

Position Expectations

  1. You MUST be an initiative taker - This position will be guided, NOT controlled. You must be able to trust your instincts and intuition. You must be able to take inspired action on your own, with or without guidance.
  2. You MUST be full of gratitude - This position is a POWERFUL opportunity for whoever applies. You must remain grateful. You must see this position as a chance to step towards your full potential self and express gratitude privately and publicly for it regularly.
  3. You MUST live in total integrity. Are you still telling white lies in your life? This position is NOT for you. You must have an unshakeable commitment to honesty, authenticity, and integrity.
  4. You MUST be able to roll with the punches. All things in life involve struggles. This position certainly will. You must be able to let the challenges of life roll of your back like beads of water off of the back of a duck floating on a river.
  5. You MUST be fully committed. To the brand. To Brittney's teachings. You MUST be able to follow our 14-Week Nutrition Program to a tee. You must be able to implement personal growth into your every day life.
  6. You MUST be willing to grow, change, and evolve. You must be willing to grow out of the 14-Week Nutrition Program and into Body Freedom Consulting and other Mentorship Opportunities.
It's time to bust out of your cocoon and Butterfly shit up.

Beneficial Attributes

Although the following are not a requirement to apply, they are certainly beneficial.

  1. You Have Been Following Idealistic Isabel and Brittney for 3+ Years. You respect the teachings you've seen. You are ready to integrate them fully and freely into your life, to improve your life.
  2. You Have Already Grown and Sustained a Social Media Following. You understand hashtag use. You share your truth regularly. You engage with your followers using your story, commenting on others posts, and generally, being the love that you are all over Facebook, Instagram, and potentially even other platforms.
  3. You Are Highly Intuitive AND Driven. You are balance, integrated, whole. Although you know you still have healing to do, you've already taken action steps towards becoming your full potential self. You have a keen sense of what your followers want/need. You attempt to meet their needs using the energy of love.

How to Apply

  • Send your Resume + Cover Letter to info@idealisticisabel.com.
  • Brittney's assistant will filter the applicants and send serious applications to her.
  • Brittney will reply to the successful applicants from her personal email address.
  • Successful applicants will show up to an in-person or video inverview.
  • Application Deadline: July 11th, 2019. If the successful applicant applies quickly, she or he may be hired BEFORE this deadline. Get your resume + letter in today.


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