Let's Get Metaphysical A Live Experience w/Brittney Bergen

Enter a Vortex

...of healing and activation to your Full Divine Potential.

Brittney Bergen, spiritual mentor and movement master will guide you through a journey of activation and ascension. Of miracles and metaphysical healing.

Join us, Saturday, November 24th 2018 for a life-changing one-day workshop.


11:11 am – WORD MEDICINE: Morning tonics, snacks, and next level intention setting at Three Treasures Tonics in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

1 pm – MOVEMENT MEDICINE: Asana yoga practice and pranayama at the yoga room in Freedom Functional Fitness.

2:30 pm – LIGHT AFTERNOON LUNCH: Provided on site, by Thrive Juice CO.

 3 pm – DEEP DIVE: Brittney will guide the group through a deep dive coaching session. You will:

  1. Feel your fucking feelings and emotions. They're your guides revealing the path to your full expression.
  2. Access aha moment after aha moment. Unconscious patterns that have been limiting you will be illuminated, and brought out into the open for healing.
  3. Feel harmony and unity with your peers beyond the beyond of your current reality.

You'll receive the perfect codes and activations for you. You'll remember the truth about Who You Are. Snacks will be provided.

 5 pm – NATURE WALK: Bundle up and walk around the South Saskatchewan river. Connect with Gaia, Mother Earth. Visit with soul friends from everywhere.

6 pm – DIVINE DINNER: Dinner at Leyda’s. Local vegan, meatatarian, and vegetarian options are available.

7:30 pm – SACRED SEND-OFF: Encounter empowering energy in this ritual in the private dining room at Leyda’s. You will:

  1. Channel your own word medicine to cast positive spells out into your future.
  2. Become the master of your vibration in every present moment.
  3. Manifest a fucking fantasmic future for yourself in full alignment with your True Self.

You will leave forever changed. You'll be attuned to your Divine Broadcast. And you'll have the integration tools necessary to remain connected.

What You'll Receive

The codes and activations you'll receive on this day will unfold and unravel for you for 3-9 months after the event, depending on your speed of integration.

You'll head home with a journal, heart, and soul equipped AF with tools, techniques, and spells. You'll rapidly raise your vibration. Your ascension process will be accelerated.

Bring your favourite divine spell book (journal), a water bottle, and an open mind.

Your Investment

Your investment includes everything you'll receive throughout the entire day:

  • Tonic, snacks, and next level intention setting at Three Treasures ($400 Value)
  • Yoga, pranayama, and deep-dive coaching session at Freedom Functional Fitness ($770 Value)
  • Light lunch, and snacks over the duration of the afternoon ($25 Value)
  • Dinner at Leyda's ($25-$40 Value)
  • Sacred Send-Off Word Medicine Ritual ($686 Value)

Total Value of Your Investment = More than $1906

My Love Language Is Gifts

As a gift to you, my beloved tribe member, I want to offer you a special rate

Brittney’s Birthday Price (until Nov 4th): $699 (tax included)

After November 4th: $899

There are only 8 spots available. This is meant to be an intimate experience. Click here to apply for a spot. Fuck Yes fits will be contacted by Brittney by text message to complete booking.

It's Time to Rise

...and to activate our Full Divine Potential in physical form.

It’s time to bring the Kingdom, Heaven on Earth into being.

Will you join us?


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