Pretties Book Review by amber dupuis, mms

A Little Bit of Hope

Have you ever felt plastic? Or the same as everyone else? Well in Scott Westerfeld’s Pretties, Tally, a girl who’s trying to find something that will change her life forever, while she falls in love with a bad boy that she can’t keep her eyes off of. When they face obstacles, they have to learn to cope with each other and prove their loyalty. Tally now has to escape the city because she feels it’s her fate.

When Tally found her affection for Zane I was very ecstatic. It was so adorable when there was a scene where Tally found her affection for Zane. It was so detailed because I could picture the moment in my mind. I felt exultant over the scene because that’s what I aspired throughout the whole book.

The life lesson is “life is a series of falls, but you have to get up and try again.” The reason I chose the life lesson was because Tally kept on failing, but she kept trying until she got it right.

The book has an exceptional storyline. Its captivating cover makes the book stand out from the others. The descriptive writing makes the book very gripping. I think the cover is one of the book’s greatest values, also how the author wrote the whole story just makes it so intriguing and provoking. The way the author organized the stories makes the book look very professional.

Romance and action lovers would be engrossed to read this heart wrenching story of a girl who goes to great measures to find the cure and break the walls that closed the barrier to the outside world.

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