Exploring Representation Assessment task 1 - 2018

Preliminary Visual Art 2018

Task given: Week 2, Term 1 2018

Task due: Week 10 Term 1 2018

Part One

In this task you are encouraged to explore how the figure can be represented thematically through material exploration, with the end result being the creation of five free standing images i.e., not in your VAPD; where the figure is either the main theme or is included as part of the represented environment i.e., figure / figures in the landscape, figure / figures in genre (scene from everyday life) setting, figure / figures in an interior setting, figure / figures in a surreal setting, figure / figures as abstraction.

In your process diary include documentation of your media investigations and evidence of research. Areas of research can include painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, photography, film, video etc.

In answering this case study you will be assessed on your ability to address Syllabus outcomes: * P1, P2, P4, P5 &P6.

Refer to your Visual Arts course outcomes and assessment cover sheet for further details.

Katelyn Stanton-Hession
Katie Welfare
Katie Welfare
Taylor Cefai

Content focus

The purpose of this task is to:

  • Learn about the practice of art-making and developing a body of work
  • Discover ways of representing the body through material practice
  • Interpret the human form through the investigation a range of expressive forms
  • Experiment with a variety of media and materials
  • Identify how artists use signs, symbols, codes, traditions and conventions in their works
  • Learn about and understand the practice of other artists
The Task
  • Submit and curate a folio of images which form a 'body of work' that demonstrates a sound investigation of representations of the human form/figure or figures through a range of media explorations.
Studio practice
  • A range of drawing and related media techniques will be demonstrated and explored in the classroom.
  • Submitted images should predominately take the form of works on paper and should demonstrate an investigation / exploration of a variety of techniques and expressive forms as a means to develop a body of work
  • Submit documentation of experiments, ideas and other supporting work undertaken along with your 'Exploring Representation' folio.
  • The submitted VAPD should be reflective and supportive of your practice as an artist. Work should also be dated with comments and / or personal evaluations where appropriate
  • Include imagery and documentation of artists and artworks which inspire you, the more you look, the more you discover!


  • Painting
  • Drawing
  • Printmaking
  • Photomedia
Pastel on brown paper

Techniques / Media

  • Intaglio or relief printing
  • Mono-print and/or collograph
  • Mixed media
  • Collage
  • Paper based works (typographic, embossed, cut etc)
  • Digital / composited imagery
  • Photographic (photograms, heliographs, pinhole, mobile, digital/wet)
  • Pastel / oil pastel
  • Charcoal
  • Ink and/or acrylic wash
  • Acrylic / watercolor paint
Conte on paper. Alivia Azar.
Your submission
  • Number each image 1-5.
  • Images should be no larger than A3
  • Submit your project as a folio of loose works.
Hypothetical submission presentations
Axel 2017
Figurative explorations. Digital media, ink on paper, drypoint on wax and cliche verre.
General advice
  1. Experiment, be creative, be fearless and try out lots of ideas.
  2. Develop the habit of looking at the works of other artists.
  3. Document the above in your V.A.P.D, digitally or online.
  4. Use your VAPD (Process Diary) to develop ideas.
  5. Your art=making practice should continue beyond the classroom.
Cliche Verre

Refer to the assessment grid and marking rubric on your class handout.

For a more detailed explanation of the task go to

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