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Serving bright children with dyslexia

At the Wardlaw School, the science of constructing each child's deep reading brain meets the art and soul of masterful teaching to provide individualized instruction for children with dyslexia.

Wardlaw develops deep reading brains for life.

Reading is the foundation for all other learning. While proficient reading requires fluent, accurate decoding, robust reading requires so much more, which is often challenging to the way the dyslexic brain processes language and even learns to read.

Through Wardlaw's unique Integrated Intervention Model (c), students are prepared to be fluent, confident deep readers who think critically, problem-solve wisely and embrace reading as a tool for discovery of themselves and their world.

Wardlaw Student Profile:

  • Average to superior intelligence
  • Mild to moderate dyslexia
  • Creative problem solver who struggles with reading, spelling and possibly writing
  • May have underlying language weaknesses associated with dyslexia
  • K-6th grade
  • Deserves the opportunity to experience the love of learning Wardlaw offers!

Wardlaw teachers meet, reach and teach each child.

Wardlaw teachers embrace each child as a scholar, a friend, an artist and a change-agent for our world and teaches them through our Integrated Intervention Model. Individualized for each child, the collaborative teaching model uses a range of evidence-based curricula and strategies.

Wardlaw professionals have master's degrees in Reading, Learning Disabilities, Speech-Language Pathology, Occupational Therapy or other language and literacy fields of study. Their multi-sensory approach is geared for all aspects of the dyslexic profile so they can make the best decisions for each student, so students can one day make the most difference in the lives of others.

Atlanta Speech School

Wardlaw is one program of the Atlanta Speech School, which has evolved over its 83 year history to become one of the nation's most comprehensive centers for language and literacy. The Wardlaw School serves 190 students K-6th grade with dyslexia, and is the School's largest academic program. Another 1,000 individuals of all ages are served through our clinical programs.

The mission of the Atlanta Speech School is to help each person develop their full potential through language and literacy, so that each child has the tools to decide their own future confidently, empathetically and thoughtfully.

Katherine Hamm Center, for children who are deaf or hard-of-hearing, develops language and pre-literacy skills through listening and spoken language in family-centered programs for children from birth through Pre-K, including preschool for ages 2-5.

The Kenan Preschool is for preschoolers who are ready to form a pre-literacy foundation. Kenan teachers prepare typically developing children for all future subjects in a fun, engaging and rigorous environment.

Stepping Stones Preschool children have been identified as experiencing early speech and/or language delays, and are served in this language-rich environment that prepares them for literacy and all learning to come.

Atlanta Speech School 3160 Northside Parkway NW Atlanta GA 30327

For more information, call us: 404-266-2192