Bermuda A place of paradise

Bermuda is a family Friendly Island far off the coast of the Carolinas.

Flights to Bermuda can cost anywhere from $430 to $680. This depends on what flight you chose. Most flights are not round trip. The best times to fly there is March-April.

This is Bermuda's airport

Their are many excellent hotels in this tropical island

The Elbow Beach Resort is among the most popular in Bermuda. The cost is it is $750 a night for a family of 4

This beautiful beach makes up for the high cost of this fabulous hotel.

The fairmont Southampton is also a very pricy hotel with around $710 a night. With a high price comes luxurious service and views.
This is the view from the Southampton
The Reefs resort is also a fabulous hotel with cheaper prices. The average cost of a room is $450.
The last hotel is the Hamilton Princess. This hotel is in a great location and has good prices. It is one of Bermuda's oldest resorts. This hotel is so favored it is booked for the next few months. (That is why no price is listed)

If your going to Bermuda you are gonna want to know where to dine. Here are some of the best places to go.

MICKEY's Bistro

Mickeys Bistro is the perfect place to have great food and a beautiful view. This restaurant is located at the Elbow Beach resort.

Smokin' Barrel

This food truck proves you don't need to go to a restaurant to have good food. This island style barbecue is beloved by almost everyone who tries it.

1609 Bar & Restaurant

This restaurant located the Hamilton Princess resort. This waterfront bar has everything you want. Special island cocktails the best chefs and all sorts of great food.
POLOTICS IN BERMUDA. This is Bermuda's government building.

Bermuda scored a 95 out of 100. Showing how free Bermuda was. Bermuda is a territory of the U.K. so it is ruled by Queen Elizabeth. Bermuda's governor is John Rankin. He has control over police, defense of country, and external affairs.

The flag of Bermuda

Parliament is voted in by the people of Bermuda. The leader of parliament is the leader of the political party with most people represented in parliament. Currently the leader is David Burt.

David Burt


Snorkeling is one of the favorites for guests in Bermuda. The sea life is elaborate and beautiful and it can all be yours.

Another fun activity is paddle boarding over the crystal clear water.
A fun tour to take is through the caves systems of Bermuda. There are many tours and adventures for you to explore.

Thank You for your time. Hope to see you in Bermuda soon!

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