Little Rock Nine By: Harmonie sjoblom

Nine African Americans went into an all white school with a dream of desegregating schools in Little Rock Arkansas, 1957.

Their names were Minnijean Brown (1941-), Elizabeth Eckford (1941-), Ernest Green (1941-), Thelma Mothershed (1940-), Melba Patillo (1941-), Gloria Ray (1942-), Terrence Roberts (1941-), Jefferson Thomas (1942-2010) and Carlotta Walls (1942-). Ernest was the first to graduate.

The National Guard supported segregationists by blocking the students from entering the school. President Eisenhower sent federal troops to protect the nine students.
They just kept going to the school in hopes that they will prevent segregation in schools. All graduated from Little Rock. And now even though there are still segregated schools, most parents choose an interracial school for their children.
A modern day event that is happening now, a girl got refused to join a boy scout team because of her gender. She is a transgender boy and thinks that it would be helpful if boy's and girl's scouts would work together as one group. ||


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