Newsworthy Issue #6 - January 21, 2020

FY21 SoC Creative Activity and Research Awards

The FY2021 SoC Creative Activity and Research Awards are now open for applications. Projects that have clear potential to lead to major refereed publications, external funding, national exhibitions, juried festivals, or equivalent externally reviewed scholarly/creative activity are invited to apply.

Visit Research Awards to learn about previously funded work.

Visit Funding Application to learn about eligibility and requirements.

Deadline for applications is Friday, February 28, 2020.

SoC Research Lectures

Lectures are held in FLW 1021

Virpi Salojärvi, Wednesday 1/22/20, 3:30pm

Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Helsinki

Whirl of Knowledge: Cultural populism in European polarized politics and societies

Arvind Singhal, Thursday 2/6/20, 11:00am

Professor and Director of the Social Justice Initiative, University of Texas, El Paso

The Positive Deviance Approach: A Case for Addressing Social, Organizational, and Behavioral Change Problems from the Inside-Out

Dawna Ballard, Thursday, 2/20/20, 12:00pm

Associate Professor, Communication Studies, University of Texas at Austin

How We Create Time through Communication: Critical Teams and Temporal Transmutation

Scott Connolly, Wednesday 3/4/20, 12:30pm

Director of Research, Population Media Center, South Burlington, VT

Using Mixed-Methods Research to Design and Evaluate Entertainment-Education Programs

Heather Carmack, Thursday 4/9/20, 11:00am

Associate Professor, University of Alabama

Public Understanding of Medical Errors, Apology, and Disclosure

Save the Dates!

Grant Submission + Management Workshop

Tuesday, 1/28/20, 12:30-1:30, Room 1021

Spring Associate Faculty Luncheon

Wednesday, February 19, 2020 12-1:30pm, Room 1021

2/19/20 -Associate Faculty Luncheon

Spring Junior Faculty Luncheon

Wednesday, February 26, 2020, 12-1:30PM, Room 1021

2/26/20 - Junior Faculty Luncheon

SoC Research Day

Wednesday, March 18, 2020, 12:30-4:00PM, Room 1021

3/18/20 - SoC Research Day


  • Lindsay Grace is a recipient of a $120,000 award from Knight Foundation for the design and implementation of a state and local news wire service of algorithmically-generated news content (AI4 Reporters system). The project is a collaboration with California Polytechnic State University.
  • Tyler Harrison and his "Hyper-Localism: Transforming the Paradigm for Climate Adaptation" U-Link team recieved a $50,000 grant from telecommunications giant AT&T.
  • Wei Peng, Susan Morgan, Bingjing Mao, Soroya McFarlane, Aurora Occa, Kim Grinfeder, and Margaret Byrne, received the 2019 NCA Top Health Communication Division Paper Award for their paper "Ready to make a decision: A model of information aids to improve informed participation in clinical trial research."
  • Sunny Tsai, Ching-Hua Chuan and Yu Liu received the American Academy of Advertising Research Fellowship Award for their proposal "Interpersonal Communication with Consumers via Humanized Chatbots: Perspectives from China and the U.S.A."

The following SoC faculty are Magic Leap grant recipients:

  • Kim Grinfeder and Ching-Hua Chuan, Co-PIs, for "Mixed Reality to Teach Employment Skills for Individuals with ASD"
  • Kim Grinfeder, Co-PI, for "Tiling the Magicverse"
  • Zeven Rodriguez, Co-PI, for "Machines of Loving Grace – A Magic Leap Trans-Experiential Art Installation"

Research Resources

Need methodological support for your extramural grant proposal?

Get an initial consultation on your grant proposal followed by assignment of the appropriate research methodologist to work closely with you on methodology, including research design, power analysis, data collection, and data analysis. Review and revision of the entire grant proposal will proceed until the PI is ready for grant submission.

Contact: Dr. Soyeon Ahn, Chair, Department of Educational and Psychological Studies, School of Education & Human Development, at s.ahn@miami.edu

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