Plate boundaries

Convergent Boundaries

motion of convergent boundaries

There are two types of convergent boundaries ocean to ocean and continent to continent. But they each have the same stress which is compression or them colliding with each other.

Continent to continent convergent boundaries make mountain ranges since they are equally dense and uplift that folds the land to make mountain ranges.

Some real life examples are the Himalayan mountains which is a mountain range created by continent to continent convergent boundaries. Another example is the andes mountains in south america that were also created by continent to continent convergent boundaries.

the process of subduction

Then there are oceanic to oceanic plate boundaries which when they collide the denser plate will subduct and form a trench and a volcanic arc. Also near were the plates collide there is a subduction zone which is where the plate subduct under the other plate

In subduction zones old crust is getting recycled and put back into the mantle.

Some real world examples of these are the marinas trench which was formed by subduction and is the deepest point on earth another example is Alaska and its small islands made from subduction creating a volcano arc.

Divergent Boundaries

divergent boundaries

along with convergent boundaries divergent boundaries also have two types oceanic to oceanic and continent to continent. Divergent boundaries are were the plates are pulling apart and creating tension stress.

The first one is oceanic to oceanic and when they pull apart magma comes up from the mantle to create new crust along with ridges in the ocean.

A real life examples of this boundary are the mid atlantic ridge that makes new crust when the plates pull apart.

the other type of divergent is continent to continent which also pull apart and create tension. then it leads to the creation of a rift that pulls the land apart.

An example of this is the east african rift. it is getting pulled apart that lead to the creation of the east african rift valley along with it's many volcanos including mount kilimanjaro which is Africa's biggest mountain.

Mt Kilamanjaro

Transform boundaries

Transform boundaries sliding past each other

Transform are the last type of plate boundary it is were the plates slide past each other. This creates faults that shift the land. The stress it creates is called sheer.

A great example of this is the san Andreas fault continues to expand every year and still causes California big earthquakes.

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