Dundee Regional Performance Centre for Sport

Project start/completion date - May 2018 to August 2019

Final project video - December 2019

Customer feedback - December 2019

Dundee Regional Performance Centre for Sport - night images

Project completion - October 2019

Progress Photograph - 13 September 2019

Dundee Regional Performance Centre for Sport indoor athletics track ready to receive Scotland finest athletes

Dundee Football Club under 18's training session - 2 September 2019

On Monday 2 September, Dundee Regional Performance Centre for Sport saw its first users of the indoor and outdoor 3G football pitches when Dundee Football Club under 18's completed their training session.


Progress Photographs - 23 August 2019

Progress Photographs - 15 August 2019

Donation of materials to SCRAPantics - 12 August 2019

Over the past few weeks, project manager Tom Truesdale has been linking with local social enterprise SCRAPantics to donate materials which are available as we approach the end of the project. Offcut piping, cable drums, pallets and offcuts from artificial pitch have been collected by SCRAPantics and will then either be sold or repurposed at low rates to local organisations.

SCRAPantics CIC is based in Dundee and recycle industry excess into art & design materials for use in the celebration of community togetherness. Further further information please visit https://scrapantics.co.uk

Progress Photographs - 8 August 2019

Latest progress Photographs & Drone footage - 1 August 2019

Latest progress photographs - 23 July 2019

Progress Photograph - 15 July 2019

New 3g Rugby pitch surface is now in place & flood lights installed

Presentation to Claverhouse Rotary Club - 18 June 2019

Project Manager Ally Johnston provided a presentation to the Claverhouse Rotary Club on the evening of Tuesday 18 June.

The presentation provided members with information on the scope of works for the new Dundee Regional performance Centre for sport, shared progress photographs and highlighted activities which have been delivered with local schools and community groups.

Boots on ground health and safety session - 13 June 2019

On Thursday 13 June Dundee RPCFS team hosted a Boots on the Ground session for all staff involved with project delivery. The session promoted health & safety best practice including the Balfour Beatty observations mobile app and showcased innovations with plant & machinery with inputs from key suppliers.

#teamscape #zeroharm

Work placement from St Pauls Academy - 3 June 2019

During week of 3 June the project team at sports centre are supported 4th year St Paul’s Academy pupil Mikey Gunn on a one week work placement. Mikey was interested in learning more about careers in construction and spent the week shadowing team in Dundee

Progress Photographs - 1 June 2019

Progress photograph - 29 May 2019

New signage now in place on a Sport Hub

Progress photo - 23 May 2019

Site visit from Tayside Construction Forum/ International College Dundee - 17 May 2019

On Friday afternoon project manager Ally Johnston welcomed representatives from the local Tayside Construction Forum and also a group of students from the International College University of Dundee.

Visitors were provided with an overview of the scope of works, progress made on site to date and had an opportunity to walk round the site with Ally to view the outdoor rugby pitch, indoor football pitch, new sports hub building and indoor athletics building.

Tayside Construction Forum/ International College students on site of Friday 17 May 2019

Mental Health Awareness week – Mates in Mind training – 14 May 2019

On 14 May, Balfour Beatty Health & Safety lead Billy Jackson completed 2 x Mates in Mind workshops as part of our commitment to Mental Health Awareness week.

23 project site members including supply chain reps completed the workshop gaining a ‘Mange the conversation’ Mate in Mind certificate.

Supporting work placement from Grove Academy - 13 May 2019

3rd year Grove Academy pupil Riley Nielsen on site

Dundee Regional Performance Centre for Sport project team are supporting 3rd year Grove Academy pupil Riley Neilson on site this week. Riley is completing a one week work placement this week and is interested in a future career in construction.

Progress Photograph - 13 May 2019

Brickwork completed on new Sports Hub building with newly fitted glazing

Progress Photograph - 8 May 2019

Surfacing going down on outdoor rugby pitch

Design Engineer Construct pupils submit final course portfolios – 25 April 2019

The Harris Academy Design Engineer Construct programme which has been sponsored by Balfour Beatty in Dundee is nearing completion. Level 2 pupils successfully submitted their final course portfolios on 25 April and these will be marked in upcoming weeks.

Pupils are now preparing for their final exam which is scheduled for the end of May and pupils which pass both elements will receive an industry recognised qualification which is the equivalent of a Scottish Higher pass.

ICE presentation at University of Dundee – 18 April 2019

Project lead Alistair Johnston presented to students at University of Dundee as part of a session organised by Institute for Civil Engineers and in partnership with David Kingsmill, Dundee City Council.

Alistair provided students with insight into the construction of the Regional Performance Centre for Sport project and was joined by Gregor Ford, GI Energy Project Manager who provided students with technical information related to the new Energy Centre which is located on site.

Progress Photograph - 18 April 2019

Completion of Abertay University Industrial Placements – 5 April 2019

3rd year Civil Engineering students Scott Anderson & Ross Coates successfully completed their 12 week industrial placements on site.

Both students made extremely valuable contributions to the project over the 12 week period and received excellent references from the project team which supported them while on site

Certificate of Excellence – Considerate Constructors visit – 3 April 2019

Project team members have received notification that the site has gained a Certificate of Excellence from the Considerate Constructors Scheme in recognition of a positive site visit at start of April.

CCS monitors rated the site 41/45, awarding the scheme 9/9 for the support which has been provided to local schools and community groups since starting on site in May 2018.

New Apprenticeships on site – 3 April 2019

3 new apprenticeships have been confirmed in March for Balfour Beatty direct employees

The project team and supply chain also continue to support 2 x current Dundee & Angus Shared Apprentices on site. Both apprentices are due to remain on site to at least June 2019 which will result in over 52 weeks cumulative shared apprentice week placements being supported by the project

ICE Tayside branch visit – Friday 22 March 2019

An additional site visit was scheudled specifically for the ICE Tayside branch members which include current Civil Engineering students and graduates of local civil engineering courses.

The visit lasted around 90 minutes and visitors on the day were provided with an overview on the project objectives, progress to date and then walk round site to view the athletics building, sports block hub, indoor football pitch and external rugpy pitch area.

The ICE visit focused on technical aspects of the projects and students were provided with the opportunity to ask questions about the design and learnt more about the renewable energy project which is part of the overall sport centre project.

"The graduates and students of the Tayside & Fife ICE branch are grateful to Alistair Johnston, John Cairns and the team at Balfour Beatty for hosting us at the Dundee Regional Performance Centre for Sport earlier today. The site visit provided an interesting insight into the work being done on this impressive project. Looking forward to witnessing the end result later in the year. Thanks again! #inspiringconstruction" - Daniel Colaci – Chair of ICE Tayside branch

Open Doors UK sessions - Friday 22 March 2019

Approx 50 visitors attended our Open Doors UK sessions on Friday 22 March 2019

The Dundee Regional Performance Centre supported 3 x visits as part of the fully booked UK Open Doors UK visits

Ally Johnston, Alisdair Reilly, Jamie Lyon & Leigh Clark successful hosted around 50 visitors on site during Open Doors UK visits to sites on Friday 22 March 2019

The visit lasted around 90 minutes and visitors on the day were provided with an overview on the project objectives, progress to date and then walk round site to view the athletics building, sports block hub, indoor football pitch and external rugpy pitch area.

Visitors during the sessions included local community members of sporting associations that will utilise project facilities once complete - these included Dundee Rugby club, Cycling Dundee and Hawkhill Harriers running club

“Thanks for having us. The facility is looking excellent and will be an inspiration for athletes from Dundee and beyond” Ian Lowe – Student Services Manager (Sport) – Abertay University

Site visit from University of Dundee Interior Design student - 18 March 2019

Jamie Lyon with University of Dundee students Melanie & Eliza Chiswell

Balfour Beatty section engineer Jamie Lyon welcomed University of Dundee year 3 students Melanie & Eliza Chiswell to site today to support them with their current university research project. Melanie is a year 3 Interior & Environmental design student that is focusing on the interior design of sport centres as part of her current project.

Progress Photograph - 15 March 2019

Site Supervisor Alisdair Reilly inspecting the new solar panels on top of the Sports Hub roof

Project manager & Community Benefits lead shortlisted for Construction News award - 14 March 2019

Dundee Regional Performance Centre for Sport project manager Ally Johnston and Community Benefits Advisor Duncan Gardner have been shortlisted for the Construction News Community Engagement project of the year for their work last year on the Almondbank Flood Protection scheme.

Both Ally & Duncan were involved with the Almondbank project before joining the Dundee Regional Performance Centre for Sport project in May 2018. Well done to both for making the shortlist and good luck at the awards ceremony in May 2019.

Balfour Beatty have been shortlisted for the Construction News Community Engagement project of the Year 2019 for the Perth Almondbank Flood Protection scheme

Presentations at DYW Dundee & Angus teachers event - Tuesday 12 March 2019

Message of thanks on Twitter for inputs from Duncan Gardner, Community Benefits Advisor on Dundee Regional Performance Centre for Sport project

Duncan Garnder (Community Benefits Advisor) and David Murray (Graduate Engineer) both provided presentations at the DYW Dundee & Angus information event which engaged local teachers to inform them of the range of careers which exist within construction.

International Womens Day - Friday 8 March 2019

Team members showing support for the #balanceforbetter campaign

Balfour Beatty Graduate Quantity Surveyor Viktoria Galeva coordinated our activties for the #BalanceforBetter campaign at Dundee Regional Performance Centre for Sport project #IWD2019 #InternationalWomensDay

A range of project members showed support and took part in the #BalanceforBetter campaign

Progress Photograph - Friday 8 March 2019

3G pitch within the new indoor football arena has now been completed

Site manager presentation to Graduate Apprenticeship students at the University of Dundee - Monday 4 March 2019

Project manager Tom Truesdale presenting at University of Dundee Apprenticeship week event

Dundee Regional Performance Centre for Sport site manager Tom Truesdale met 16 graduate apprentices from the University of Dundee Graduate apprenticeship programme as part of Scottish Apprenticeship week activity. At the session Tom spoke about his role at the Dundee Regional Performance Centre for Sport project and his career to date within the construction industry.

Scottish Apprenticeship Week - Dundee & Angus Shared Apprentices - 4 March 2019

2nd year Electrical Apprentice Connor Petro

The Dundee Regional Performance Centre for Sport team are delighted to support the local Dundee & Angus shared apprentice scheme

2nd year Electrical apprentice Connor Petro is part of Balfour Beatty Kilpatrick team delivering M&E - joining the project at the start of January.

Connor is one of two shared apprentices that are currently part of the Dundee Regional Performance Centre for Sport delivery and the 5th shared apprentice to be part of Balfour Beatty projects that have been delivered in Dundee over the past 12 months.

Latest drone progress photographs & video - 27 February 2019

Drone progress photographs of the new Indoor football pitch, sports centre & athletics building

Progress visit from Dundee City Council representatives - 25 February 2019

Dundee City Council Leader John Alexander, Councilor Lynne Short on site with Senior Project Manager Ally Johnston

Progress Photographs - 24 February 2019

Shock absorbers going down prior to 3g being laid (Top photograph) + progress images for the new Athletics building at Dundee RPCS

Dundee Sports Awards - 20 February 2019 - Caird Hall, Dundee

Category winners at the Dundee Sports Awards (Top left) & Balfour Beatty team in attendance on the night (Bottom right)

The Dundee Regional Performance Centre project sponsored the Dundee Sports Awards 2019. Balfour Beatty provided sponsorship funding to be the main headline sponsor for the Dundee Sports Awards.

The awards ceremony was held in Caird Hall on the evening of 20 February and around 250 people were in attendance to regonise the sporting achievement of people in Dundee within 2018.

Meet the Buyer Tayside - 19 February 2019

Stuart Ward (Buyer) & Linda Wallace (Supply Chain manager) meeting local employers at the Tayside Meet the Buyer event - Invercarse Hotel, Dundee

Representatives from Balfour Beatty hosted a stall at the local Meet the Buyer event at the Invercarse hotel in Dundee on Tuesday 19 February.

The event was a great way to engage with local businesses and to promote supply chain opportunities on current/upcoming projects including Dundee Regional Performance Centre for Sport, Ninewells Hospital & the A9 dualling project.

Workshops for P1 classes at St Andrews RC Primary - 11 February 2019

John Cairns (Community Benefits Advisor) hosted workshops for 43 Pupils, promoting importance of health & safety and presenting pupils with their prize packs for their runners up award for the Hono Big Build project

Support for PACE event for McGills Staff - 8 February 2019

BBK colleagues supporting those affected by recent redundancies in Dundee

Grant Arnott and Louise Griffiths from Balfour Beatty Kilpatrick attended the PACE event in the Apex Hotel in Dundee to speak with people about job opportunities which may be available in the Tayside region. Over 400 + operatives and staff members were in attendance ranging from ops directors to 1st year apprentices.

Many of the staff on the Dundee Regional Performance Centre for Sport project have friends and close connections that have recently been made redundant through the McGills administration and so it was a day of mixed emotions for everyone involved.

Grant and Louise collected CV’s on the day and also connected with people on LinkedIn and hopefully the project can assist in securing roles for some of those affected.

Progress Photographs - 7 February 2019

(Right to Left) External view of the Athletics building and inside the new Indoor Football structure

DEC! Level 2 presentations at University of Dundee - Tuesday 6 February 2019

Balfour Beatty Design Director Ian Hogg, University of Dundee students and Harris Academy pupils
Harris Academy pupils presenting in the Architecture Crit space at the University of Dundee

On Wednesday 6 February, Ian Hogg (Balfour Beatty Design Manager) supported a session at the University of Dundee the Harris Academy Design Engineer Construct (DEC!) Level 2 class.

Level 2 DEC! pupils showcased their projects and talked through their concept designs & ideas behind their projects - each pupil has been working to a brief to design a community facility with Magdalene Green In Dundee and each pupil had a different take on what that facility would be - from community centres/sport centres to indoor fishing arenas

Feedback was also provided to pupils from 4 x 2nd year Architecture students who then provided the pupils with a tour of their studios and an insight into their portfolios.

"We were really impressed with the range of issues the pupils were managing to integrate into their proposals, and they did well to present for the first time" - Carol Robertson Admissions Director, University of Dundee

Progress Photographs - 25 January 2019

Balfour Beatty Digital Coordinator supports Autorevit session at Harris Academy - 23 January 2019

Jamie Irvine (Balfour Beatty Digital Coordinator) working with pupils on Harris Academy DEC! Level 2 programme
Example of DEC! Level 2 revit model

Jamie Irvine (Balfour Beatty - Digital Coordinator) visited Harris Academy as part of continued support for the Harris Academy Design Engineer Construct programme.

Jamie visited on Wednesday 23 January to support pupils with their Autorevit models which they are designing as part of the Level 2 course. Plenty of great concepts & designs starting to take shape.

Pupils are also currently preparing to present their designs to Balfour Beatty Design Director Ian Hogg within the University of Dundee Architecture crit space on 6 February

Progress Photograph - 23 January 2019

Open Doors Week - opportunity to visit site on Friday 22 March - 60 places available

Book now to visit the Dundee Regional Performance Centre for Sport site on Friday 22 March 2019

Dundee Regional Performance Centre For Sports is taking part in the Open Doors Week, a Build UK initiative aimed at inspiring and encouraging more individuals into the industry.

Open Doors allow members of the public, school children and those considering a career change to see behind the scenes at construction sites across the UK. The day will start with a brief induction followed by details about the project and information showcasing the diverse range of skills needed within the industry. It’s an opportunity to promote construction as a great industry to work in and encourage the next generation of engineers.

Open Door Week runs from 18th - 23rd March. To book online, please visit;

Latest Drone footage of site - 15 January 2018 (Filmed 19/12/18)

12 week Industrial Placements students from Abertay University start on site - 14 January 2018

Dundee Regional Performance Centre for Sport project team today welcomed Scott Anderson and Ross Coates from Abertay University who have both joined the project team on a 12 week industrial placements.

Both students were selected for the placement after a competitive interview process which was run in partnership with the University.

The placement has been arranged as part of their third year BEng Civil & Environmental Engineering degree and continues our successful partnership with Abertay University following the successful completion of two work placements on site from the University in summer 2018.

Progress Photograph - 11 January 2019

Tensile fabric roof is now being installed onto the Athletic Building.

Progress Photograph - 10 January 2019

Site Foreman Alisdair Reilly capturing progress on site within the new indoor football structure

Back to Work Briefing for site staff - 7 January 2019

84 members of the project team attended a back to work briefing on the morning of 7 January 2019

Balfour Beatty Project Manager Ally Johnston site team hosted a back to work briefing for 84 members of staff on site at the Dundee Regional Performance Centre for Sport. After a break on site over the Christmas and New Year period, the briefing was a great opportunity to outline progress made on the project so far, upcoming priorities and reinforce the importance of health & safety excellence on site at all times.

Progress Photograph - Tensile structure - 21 December 2018

Christmas presents donations to Dundee Charity 'Help for Kids' - 20 December 2018

Presents donated by site staff were collected by Help for Kids Dundee on Wednesday 19 December 2018

Amazing fundraising effort from team at Dundee Regional Performance Centre for Sport over the last couple of weeks, raising £620 which allowed the team to buy over 100 gifts for children in the local area.

Dundee Charity Help for Kids collected the gifts yesterday as part of their Christmas appeal in Dundee. Special mention to Balfour Beatty's Lynsey Garvie for coordinating this years Christmas present appeal on site and for building on the relationship with Help for Kids which was started on the Dundee Railway Station & Hotel project.

Progress Photograph - Indoor Athletics Building - 19 December 2018

Latest external 3d images - 12 December 2018

3d images of the Dundee Regional Performance Centre for Sport

Honor Big Build runners up awards - St Andrews RC Primary & Fintry Nursery

Fintry Early Years Centre in Dundee took part this year by constructing their very own Broughty Ferry Castle. The pupils, had a discussion about the various buildings in Dundee, putting forward many options including Cox’s Stack and the V&A Dundee. Once all of the suggestions were collated, the children voted on their preferred option. Broughty Ferry Castle came out as a clear winner.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the St Andrews Primary school building, P1 classes built a replica model of their school. The two P1 classes worked together and built one model per class coordinate via P1 class teacher Mrs Gillian Robertson. The pupils really enjoyed working together to build the replica and Balfour Beatty are going to return in the new year to run further activities with the P1 classes to build upon their experience of completing the Honor Big Build competition.

Both schools have been awarded runners up prizes for their enteries to this years competition. Further details can be found in the Honor Big Build Competition brochure.

Fintry Nursery & St Andrews RC Primary pupils with their completed Big Build projects.

DYW Dundee & Angus 'Its your future event' - 21/22 November 2018

John Cairns (Community Benefits Advisor) attended the two day DYW Dundee & Angus event with coverage in the Dundee Courier and Evening Telegraph
"The It’s Your Future team would like to thank you for attending our event. Your time and energy is greatly appreciated and we hope you all had a good time and that there were some great engagements with the pupils." - Developing the Young Workforce Dundee and Angus

Dundee & Angus College NC Built Environment site visit - 19 November 2018

Project Manager Ally Johnston welcomed 10 Dundee & Angus NC Built Environment students on a site visit at our Dundee Regional Performance Centre for Sport project. Excellent to have students on site and we will hopefully see them again on site in spring 2019.

"A big Thank you for offering a great tour of the site to our students!" - Daniel Kiraly, Dundee & Angus College lecturer

Sleep in the Park - 2018 - Sponsor Duncan Gardner (Community Benefits Advisor) for participation in Dundee event on 8 December 2018!

Participation in 'Dream Big' film showing at Abertay University - 15 November 2018

John Cairns (Community Benefits Advisor) hosted a stall to promote construction and engineering pathways to attendees at the film screening of 'Dream Big' in association with ICE Scotland. The event was attended by around 80 pupils and students from Dundee and the new film showcased engineering wonders of the world. An amazing and inspiring film and it was great to see the Falkirk Wheel being featured in a film that will has received a worldwide release.

On behalf of the Tayside and Fife Branch of the ICE, thank you for supporting our screening of Dream Big. The screening was a great success with over 180 attendees; including many people interested in a civil engineering career.

Andy Louden. Committee Member Tayside and Fife Branch of the Institution of Civil Engineers

ICE Scotland hosted a film showing for 'Dream Big' at Abertay University

Project Manager Ally Johnston collects Gold for Environmental Best Practice at the International Green Apple Awards - 12 November 2018

Balfour Beatty Senior Project Manager collecting Gold award at Green Apple awards ceremony at Houses of Parliament

The Balfour Beatty Almondbank flood protection team (Oct 2016 - Sept 2018) received a Gold Award for Environmental Best Practice at the Green Apple Awards last week.

Dundee Regional Performance Centre for Sport project team members Ally Johnston (Senior Project Manager) and Community Duncan Gardner (Community Benefits Advisor) had previously worked on the Scape Almondbank Flood protection scheme and were delighted to collect the Gold award at the awards ceremony at the Houses of Parliament on 12 November 2018.

The judges commented on the teams innovation, environmental management, stakeholder engagement and works within the community when recognising the work done by the team in completing these important works.

Balfour Beatty are one of the new corporate sponsors for Sleep in the Park, Dundee

Sleep in the Park is a nationwide sleep out to end homelessness in Scotland for good. 4 Cities. One night. 12,000 people under the stars. Saturday 8th December, 2018. Get involved at Slessor Gardens - Dundee, DD1 1AR


Progress Photograph - 14 November 2018

Local children’s charity gets helping hand from community - 9 November 2018

The Yard Dundee, a charity providing a safe place to play for disabled children, got a boost from local businesses led by Balfour Beatty at the weekend. Local tradesmen donated their time and materials on Saturday 3 November to give the well-loved play space a mini makeover.

Local tradesmen tackled a range of challenges at Rainbow House in Mid Craigie, making important improvements to the building, heating, plumbing and electrics for the benefit of everyone who uses the community centre. Rainbow House hosts The Yard Dundee every weekend, offering opportunities for adventure play, fun and friendship for disabled children, and a supportive community for their families.

This vital work was made possible by generously donated materials donated from Balfour Beatty’s supply chain partners, and a grant from Postcode Local Trust, a grant-giving charity funded entirely by players of People’s Postcode Lottery.

“On behalf of our families, we are so grateful to Balfour Beatty and all the volunteers who gave up their time to help us get Rainbow House looking great again. There is nothing else like The Yard for disabled children and their families in Dundee, so we are delighted to be able to make our playground even more welcoming for them. We would also like to thank the players of People’s Postcode Lottery whose support allowed us to tackle this project.” - Gill Thomson, Play Team Leader at The Yard Dundee
“We are delighted to have been given the opportunity to provide essential building services works and general repairs to Rainbow House. This was made possible by kind donations from our local supply chain. We would like to thank all of those who have helped Gill and her team with the next step in The Yard’s journey.” - Grant Arnott, Contracts Manager at Balfour Beatty

Project planning session with DEC! Level 2 class at Harris Academy - 7 November 2018

John Cairns, Community Benefits Advisor North Scotland, supporting project planning afternoon at Harris Academy

Supporting delivery of Design Engineer Construct programme at Harris Academy - 31 October 2018

Viktoria Galeva & David Murray supporting sessions at Harris Academy this week as part of our ongoing Class of your Own Design Engineer Construct programme at the school.

On Monday 29 October - Viktoria met with pupils to provide an overview of her role as a Quantity Surveyor and to provide pupils with an insight into the commercial aspects of projects. This was greatly appreciated by the school as part of the level 2 DEC! course requires pupils to understand what is meant by cost planning, understand a plan of works and the session really started to get pupils thinking more about the importance of understanding the costs for their proposed projects.

On Wednesday 31 October - David met with pupils at Magdalen Green in Dundee as this is the proposed site for their Level 2 projects. The session allowed pupils an opportunity to set out their proposed projects in the park to provide them with a better understanding of the size and scale of their designs. Pupils also got hands on experience with some of the kit used by an engineer such as a Leica Totalstation.

Supporting the Yard Dundee

Greatly appreciated Balfour Beatty Kilpatrick's support of our nominated local charity The Yard in Dundee - aiming to involve more of our supply chain in our ongoing projects with The Yard in the upcoming months ahead!

Progress Photograph - 26 October 2018

The steel frame for the new indoor pitch and work has progressed to installing the tensile fabric structure - view more about the use of these structures across UK including premier league football teams:

Drone Survey footage - 25 October 2018

Promoting future placement opportunities to 3rd students at Abertay University

On Tuesday 23 October, Jason Jones (Senior Materials Engineer) Duncan Gardner (Community Benefits Advisor) & John Cairns (Community Benefits Advisor) promoting upcoming Industrial Placement opportunities at an event at Abertay University.

Balfour Beatty are currently looking for 6-8 students to complete 8-12 week placements starting in January based on site at Dundee Sports Centre and A9 dualling project as well as in the onsite A9 lab. Over the next couple of weeks students will apply for their placements of choice and final candidates should be confirmed by end of the year. S4 pupils from Perth Academy & Monifieth High also attended the event and in total around 100 people attended across the session.

Project Photograph - 12 October 2018

Project Photographs - 4 October 2018

Project Photographs - 29 September 2018

Participation in citywide careers event. Caird Hall, Dundee - 27 September 2018

Balfour Beatty support for local career fair

John Cairns, Balfour Beatty Community Benefits Advisor, participated in the Dundee and Angus Chamber of Commerce sponsored citywide careers event at Caird Hall on Thursday 27 September. John supported a stall in partnership with DJ Laing as a CITB Construction ambassador and promoted future careers in construction and also the CITB Go Construct website. The morning session was attended by pupils from across Dundee including St Pauls RC Academy and Baldragon Academy. Approx 100 pupils attended the morning session.

Progress Photograph - 12 September 2018

Steelwork going up for our fifa rated indoor football pitch at Dundee rpcs

Abertay University - Site visit for 1st year Civil Engineering Students - 7 September 2018

Abertay University site students on site with Senior Project Manager Alistair Johnston and Community Benefits Advisor Duncan Gardner

Dundee Regional Performance Centre for Sport played host to a group of 23 Abertay engineering students for a site visit on Friday afternoon. Students had an opportunity to see the steel frame of the sports hub, the foundations for the tensile structure which will become the indoor pitch and see the energy centre which is coming along at speed.

Topics covered included the importance of planning and working to a strict programme, careful preparation for tasks such as concrete pours to ensure that all elements of the task are considered and allowed for and the sustainable tech being used to create the geothermal heating loops.

Internal Flythrough of new Sports Centre Hub - 7 September 2018

New site signage - 5 September 2018

New site signage is being placed at site boundary next to the Kingsway to promote our social value objectives

Progress Photograph - 1 September 2018

Support for local Scottish Contractors Group education session - 28 August 2018

Dundee Regional Performance Centre for Sport Graduate Engineer David Murray presenting to 51 pupils over two sessions

On Tuesday 28 August, Balfour Beatty's Graduate Engineer David Murray provided a presentation at the Scottish Contractors Group session at Caird Hall in Dundee. The session engaged 51 pupils from secondary schools in the local area including Forfar Academy, Carnoustie Academy, Monifieth High School & Webster's High School. As part of the sessions, Balfour Beatty hosted short workshops on new technologies which are being used within the industry including demonstrations on VR and Augmented reality

Donation to local Perth food bank - 24 August 2018

Supplier event to promote Community Benefit objectives - 23 August 2018

On Thursday 23 August, the team at the new Dundee Regional Performance Centre for Sport in Caird Park held a supply chain event to discuss how we can deliver meaningful and measurable benefits for communities in Dundee.

The session involved supply chain partners from Martec, Spatial Structures, Kelly Contracts, Balfour Beatty Kilpatrick, Linn-Tech and Doe Sport North - all who will be delivering vital works on the project, to come together to collectively plan high quality social value add throughout the duration of the project.

In addition, inputs were provided by local partner organisations including Remploy, Job Centre Plus, Shared Apprentice Scheme and the Yard with the objective to connect members of our supply chain to local partners that can assist deliver on our employment and skills KPI’s.

“I definitely learned lots today and Martec will assist you wherever we can to help to achieve the KPI’s.”

Karen Conachan, Sales Director Martec Engineering Group

“It was a pleasure delivering the presentation to such a lovely group of people who all seemed very interested in” who we are” and “what we do”

Gill Thomson, Play Team Leader Dundee, The Yard

Support for The Yard in Dundee

As part of our community offer, site staff and local subcontractors will be supporting the Yard in Dundee. Support provided will include donation or materials and labour with the objective to improve their temporary accommodation which is located on Drumlanrig Place in Mid Craigie. Progress photographs will be published on this site.

New digital 3d project images

Digital Images of the final Dundee Regional Performance Centre for Sport
Digital images of the internal sports centre

Progress Photograph - 22 August 2018

Progress photo - 22 August 2018 - Truss beam being lifted into place in Dundee rpcs hub building

Mates in Mind training sessions for staff to promote the importance of Mental Health Awareness

Billy Jackson on site in Dundee to facilitate Mates in Mind sessions for site team

Balfour Beatty Regional HSES Advisor B Jackson facilitated the first two sessions of Mates in Mind "Let’s Start the Conversation” on 21 August At the Dundee Regional Performance Centre for Sport Project.

“The Let’s Start the Conversation Module is " is a 45-minute introduction to mental health for construction workers, to raise awareness and address the stigma of poor mental health and improve positive mental wellbeing.

20 members of the Balfour Beatty site team attended the sessions (10 each session).

Design Engineer Construct partnership with Harris Academy

The 2nd year of our partnership with Harris Academy on the Class of your Own Design Engineer Construct programme started in August 2018.

On Wednesday 22 August, Balfour Beatty's Head of Environment Poul Wend Hansen delivered workshops on Sustainability for pupils in both S3 and S4 classes. It is excellent to have the support of our business experts on the Design Engineer Construct (DEC!) project which has now started its second year of delivery and offering Level 1 & 2 courses to pupils. Across the two year groups 32 pupils are signed up to complete DEC! programme during 2018/19.

On Wednesday 29 August, Balfour Beatty's Community Benefit Advisor John Carins met pupils in S3 to discuss the importance of engaging with the local community during projects. In future weeks ahead pupils will be learning about design & architecture, project management and will use Autorevit to develop 3d designs for a flexible learning space project and community centre project.

To Read more about our partnerhsip with Harris Academy - please visit https://ccsbestpractice.org.uk/entries/design-engineer-construct-partnership-agreement-with-harris-academy

Progress Photograph - 15 August 2018

Progress photo - 15 August 2018 - Hub building at Dundee rpcs gathering pace

Drone progress footage - 27 July 2018

Drone footage - On 27 July 2018 Vantage Images completed drone footage of the site to profile progress which has been made since our start on site in May 2018

Progress photograph - 17 July 2018

Progress photo - 17 July 2018 - Steel structure for new energy centre now in place

The new district energy centre steel structure is now in place. Our site team are currently drilling 100 bore holes, 200m in depth, which are required as part of the energy centre which combines ground source heat pumps, a combined heat and power unit, solar thermal panels and other technologies. In the upcoming months ahead we will be engaging with local pupils and students to promote this innovative renewable energy approach which will provide Dundee with district heating capability.

Paid summer placement for local Abertay University students - 11 June 2018

Paid summer placements for Abertay University students

On Monday 11 June – Senior Project lead Ally Johnston and his team at the Dundee Regional Performance Centre for Sport welcomed on board Kyle Wiseman and Jordan Carrie, both engineering students from the University of Abertay on summer placement.

Summer placements form an important part of the culture within Balfour Beatty and are prized opportunities. The project received a total of 11 applications for the positions and Ally, along with John Chambers, Operations Director, interviewed the candidates to come to their final selection.

Competition was strong with all candidates showing great strengths but Jordan and Kyle made the top of the list. Both students started on the 11th of June and will be onsite and undertaking a variety of different roles and responsibilities for a period of 13 weeks.

Partnership project with Scottish Prison Services and support for HMP Castle Huntly

Onsite placements via partnership with HMP Castle Huntly

Between Tuesday 8 May to Friday 18 May a group of 5 inmates from HM Prison Castle Huntly supported set up works on site at the Dundee Regional Performance Centre for Sport project.

Work completed by the Castle Huntly team included assistance with erecting site herras fencing and hoarding as well as ground preparation work for boreholes. Alisdair Reilly (Works Superintendent) supported Castle Huntly team while inmates were on site.

Support was arranged by Duncan Gardner (Community Benefits Advisor – Tayside) via Graham Tait, Offender Outcomes Manager, as part of our ongoing partnership with the Scottish Prison Service and to support delivery of the SCAPE KPI to provide opportunities for ex-offenders. The activity has allowed Dundee Regional performance Centre to meet its Scape target for this KPI

Official Groundbreaking ceremony - 15 May 2018

Ground Cutting Ceremony - 15 May 2018

Stephen Scott, John Chambers, Ally Johnston and project team at the new Dundee Regional Performance Centre for Sport welcomed representatives from Dundee City Council on site at this afternoon's Ground Cutting event.

Dundee City Council leader John Alexander marked the start of work at a ceremony in Caird Park.

The Regional Performance Centre for Sport will include an indoor athletics centre and the existing athletics track is to be resurfaced, with a spectator area added. The centre will also include an eight-court multi sports hub with spectator seating and a sport science suite. Other facilities will include FIFA standard indoor 3G football pitches and an outdoor artificial rugby-sized pitch as well as a new £5m energy centre.

Stephen Scott, Managing Director of Balfour Beatty’s Central Scotland Delivery Unit, said:

““We are delighted to join with Dundee City Council to celebrate the start of works to the new Regional Performance Centre for Sport.Throughout the project lifecycle, we will work closely with local suppliers and subcontractors to provide real sustainable benefit to the local economy and ultimately provide the community with a first-class sports facility.”

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The National Civil Engineering and Infrastructure framework is designed to deliver a variety of project types, from single commissions to programmes of work. Delivered by Balfour Beatty, a leading international infrastructure group with more than 100 years of experience in complex infrastructure projects, works under the Civil Engineering and Infrastructure Framework are valued from £1m to £40m and above.
Dundee City Council have commissioned the new regional performance centre for sport which will bring huge benefits for the city and residents and reflects the City Council's objective to make Dundee a better place for all. It is designed to support athletes in their development and will help improve the health of Dundee's population through participation in sport.
The Dundee Regional Performance for Sport Project is registered with the Considerate Constructors scheme with the objective to improve the image of the construction industry by striving to promote and achieve best practice under the scheme. Through the CCS scheme we will demonstrate our Care about Appearance, Respect for the Community, Protect measures for the Environment, Secure everyone’s Safety and Value our Workforce.
2018/19 is the 2nd year of our Class of your Own Design Engineer Construct (DEC!) partnership which is being sponsored and supported by Dundee Regional Performance Centre for Sport site
Supporting placements from local HMP Castle Huntly to offer opportunities for skills development
Our nominated local charity - The Yard in Dundee.

Supporting Abertay University students on paid summer placements and site visits