The Ocean By: LAuren Gibson

We drink water every day. 75% of the Earth we live on is water. So why can't we drink it? Well, seawater has a high concentration of salt, and our bodies cannot process that much. If we were to drink seawater, we would become very dehydrated and our kidneys would fail along with various other organs.

The Ocean's Importance

The ocean provides many things for us as humans and for animals all over the world. The ocean harbors thousands of the world's species that would not be able to survive any where else in the world. Some life saving medicines derive from the ocean. The ocean also provides oxygen for the world and predicts weather patterns. The ocean is a very unique place that is still being discovered today.
The ocean can help predict weather patterns helping us go about our daily life. They work by transporting warm water to the poles from the equator and cold water to the the equator from the poles. This helps regulate the global climate.
As the ocean gets deeper, the pressure increases due to the amount of water above you. Usually as you get deeper into the ocean, the temperature decreases due to lack of sunlight.
As humans, we pull many resources from the ocean. For food, we eat fish, lobster, squid, and many other animals. Like mentioned earlier, some life saving medications derive from the ocean. We get minerals such as salt, sand, gravel, and others. We also extract oil from the ocean floor to power our day to day lives.


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