The Reform movements By Semahje Floyd & David Andrade

During the 1800's, several movements to reform American society took place. Movements such as the Second Great Awakening, Transcendentalism changed the way that Americans view the world they lived in. These formed the Foundation of Reform

Arguably the most impactful movement on American society, the Abolitionist Movement fought to end the slavery of the African American people. Abolitionists such as Fredrick Douglass, Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth, and many more all spoke out against slavery and dedicated their lives to freeing slaves until there were all free.

In the mid 1800's, women had little rights and freedoms. They couldn't vote, run for office, or own their own property and money after marriage, and they were overall inequal to men. The women's rights movement was dedicated to bringing gender equality to American society. Activists such as Mott and Stanton, Susan B Anthony, and Lucy Stone created an America that was better for women.

After visiting a prison, Dorothea Dix, a teacher, was appalled by the conditions of the prisoners. Dix then fought to reform the whole prison system. Due to her reforms, prisoners were given more humane conditions, more sensible punishment, and separate facilities for children and the mentally ill.

Horace Mann, the man behind education reforms in the 1800s, spoke out about the importance of education. His efforts increased attendance of public schools, as well as build better schools and pay teachers better salaries.

After times of widespread alcohol abuse, reformers took it upon themselves to ban alcohol completely. These the reformers believed that alcohol usage lead to crime, domestic abuse, addiction, and mental illness. After a few decades, these laws were repealed.

During work labor there were horrible conditions.the campaign decreased the number of work days.The reforms improved child labor laws.Labor unions were formed to help and protect workers and women in Lowell,Massachusetts
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