Shellfish Aquaculture and Ecological Monitoring Initiative BCEF Grant in Action at Brunswick High School

A non-traditional educational opportunity for marine biology students to study aquaculture and marine resource management on the mud flats of Maquoit Bay.

Using funds from a BCEF grant, BHS science teacher Andrew McCullough and his marine biology students planted over 10,000 baby clams in their ‘Muddy Classroom’ at Wharton Point on Maquoit Bay.

Through the spring, summer and fall, students returned frequently to monitor their clams as well as naturally seeded clams that found their way into the student-constructed boxes that were specially designed to deter predators.

Students also set traps to capture invasive green crabs—the primary shellfish predator in the bay—in order to help scientists study their population and impact on native clams.

“This class has made me feel like I'm actually working....like working as a scientist!" ~Student

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Andrew McCullough sees this initiative, which also received support from several other Maine organizations, as a potential launching pad for a unique marine sciences program in Brunswick’s schools.

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